Our Named Scholarships

Christopher J. Andreozzi ’96 was a multi-sport athlete at Saints. He was “one of the nicest and most respectful young men I knew” in the words of a former coach, who saw a lot of potential in Chris. Tragically, that potential was never fulfilled. Chris was killed in June 1999 at age 20 in a work-related accident. Today, The Christopher J. Andreozzi ’96 Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who maintain good grades, are involved in athletics and have need of financial assistance.

When he was a student at Saint Raphael Academy, Steve was a member of the National Honor Society, a gifted musician who performed in several student productions, and a great friend to all his classmates. He attended Rhode Island College after graduation and continued to perform with several local bands. He also offered guitar lessons–free of charge–to anyone with the desire to learn. Sadly, Stephen lost a tough battle with pancreatic cancer in June 2005 at age 36. This scholarship allows students to enjoy arts programs, as Stephen did.

No one is a better example of changing lives by shaping hearts and minds than Sister Regina Brennan, R.S.M., our beloved guidance counselor who has been with Saint Raphael Academy since 1978. She is an icon, a shining beacon to the life-changing work done at Saint Raphael Academy each day. In her time at Saints, Sister Regina has served many roles, from spiritual adviser to counselor, teacher to friend, retiring in 2022 after more than 40 years at SRA. She has gone above and beyond to offer extra support to every child entrusted to her care. In honor of the many lives she has touched —and the hundreds of lives she will impact in the future —a group of alumni and their families established the Sr. Regina Brennan Living Legacy Fund. This scholarship fund helps students whose families have unexpected financial family hardships, allowing them to stay enrolled at Saints. The Sr. Regina Living Legacy Fund also supports the ECHO retreat. A formative experience for many students at Saint Raphael Academy, ECHO (Encountering Christ in Others) is a powerful faith experience designed to allow students to grow in faith and discover Christ. So many of us have been blessed by Sister Regina, and we are pleased to offer this Legacy Fund in her honor.

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The Thomas P. and Margaret M. Casey Scholarship was established by Margaret M. Casey in memory of her husband, Thomas P. Casey, while her son, Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC, was principal of Saint Raphael Academy. The purpose of the fund is to provide tuition assistance to students who earn high grades and demonstrate financial need. Upon Margaret Casey’s death, Brother Thomas and his sister, Maureen Migliorini, changed the name of the fund to honor their mother as well. Mr. and Mrs. Casey’s connection to the Academy dates from 1972 when Brother Thomas arrived in Pawtucket from his hometown of Peekskill, NY, as an intern in the De La Salle Christian Brothers’ formation program and began his career as a teacher in the math department at the Academy. In addition to his time at SRA as math and religion teacher in the 1970s, Brother Thomas was vice principal for academics from 1983 to 1988 before returning as principal in 1993. He remained in that post until June 2000. His parents enjoyed visiting him in Pawtucket and believed in the value and power of a Catholic education offered by a school such as Saint Raphael Academy. This scholarship is testimony to their advocacy of the importance of having a Catholic school education accessible for the children of the working class and the poor.

For many years, Richard Casiello ’10 was the recipient of the King/Condon Scholarship. Having demonstrated excellence both in the classroom and on the playing field, Rich was an obvious choice for the scholarship. He played football all four years at SRA and, as a senior, was named to the Golden Dozen by the Rhode Island Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Rich was also a nationally ranked shot-putter, while his SAT scores landed him in the top 10% of all Rhode Island seniors. The Golden Dozen award, which Rich earned as one of the top 12 academic football players in Rhode Island, carried with it a small financial grant. When Rich learned of his selection, he knew immediately that he wanted to “pay it forward.” Rich decided to honor his own football coach, Mike Sassi ’86, as well as the example set forth by Charlie King and Bob Condon. Rich and his family have created the Casiello/Sassi Scholarship, modeled entirely after the King/Condon Scholarship, to enable other students to have the same opportunities he enjoyed at Saint Raphael Academy.

As a teenager in Pawtucket, the late Joseph Cherry ’66 worked two jobs to put himself through Saint Raphael Academy. He would leave school in the afternoon and work a 6-11:30 pm shift at a greeting card factory. He also delivered newspapers for extra income. Despite that heavy workload, Joe participated in several extra-curricular activities. In June 1966, Joe graduated Saint Raphael Academy and entered military service as a Marine, seeing active duty during the height of the Vietnam War. Once out of the military, Joe embarked on an impressive academic and business career, earning a BS in industrial engineering from Roger Williams University and a Master’s degree in international business from Lesley College. He also completed an AMP at Harvard Business School. His 40-year career in Global Operations with Brown and Sharpe, Johnson & Johnson and C.R. Bard has given him a unique appreciation for the importance of education and discipline as the foundation of a successful life. Joe has also been active in community affairs. Joe’s wife, Melanie, earned both a BS and Master’s degree in education from Rhode Island College and has dedicated her life to education, both in and out of the classroom. Joe’s success in life was due in large part to his personal qualities of perseverance and determination, but he appreciated that his years at Saint Raphael Academy set the stage for much of what came later. Because of this, Joe and Melanie established The Joseph A. and Melanie Cherry Scholarship at Saint Raphael Academy to offer other young men and women help in achieving their own goals. Joe passed away in August of 2019.

Joseph and Blanche Coutu were lifelong Pawtucket residents, where Mr. Coutu enjoyed a successful career in business. After Joseph’s death in 1987, Mrs. Coutu specified in her will that upon her death, her estate would fund a charitable foundation to be called the Joseph C. and Blanche Coutu Foundation. She stipulated that the foundation should support religious, charitable, and educational purposes. Mrs. Coutu died in 2002 and the Coutu Foundation was established in 2003. Both Joseph and Blanche were devout Catholics and worshipped at St. Teresa Parish most of their lives. Although they were not blessed with children, they recognized the value of a good education, perhaps all the more so because neither had the opportunity to attend high school. In recognition of their deep faith, their appreciation of the importance of education, and their desire to give others the opportunities that they themselves had missed, the trustees of the Coutu Foundation established the Joseph C. & Blanche Coutu Memorial Scholarship to benefit the students of Saint Raphael Academy.

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The Saint Raphael Academy Class of 1966, under the leadership of classmate Robert Weygand, established this endowment in 2016 on the occasion of their 50th class reunion. Many members of the class have donated generously to this fund, which will ensure that the young adults of SRA today obtain the same outstanding high school experience that the members of the Class of ’66 enjoyed. Anyone may donate to this fund to help SRA students.

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The Saint Raphael Academy Class of 1973, under the leadership of classmate Ray Chauvin, established this scholarship in 2023 on the occasion of their 50th class reunion. Many members of the class have donated generously to this fund, which will ensure that the young adults of SRA today obtain the same outstanding high school experience that the members of the Class of ’73 enjoyed. Anyone may donate to this fund to help SRA students.

The Saint Raphael Academy Class of 1973, under the leadership of classmate Ray Chauvin, established this endowment in 2023 on the occasion of their 50th class reunion. Many members of the class have donated generously to this fund, which will ensure that the young adults of SRA today obtain the same outstanding high school experience that the members of the Class of ’73 enjoyed. Anyone may donate to this fund to help SRA students.

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The Michael Dalton ’64/John Hulme ’64 Scholarship honors two of Saint Raphael Academy’s war heroes, who were also good friends. After graduating SRA in 1964, both boys enrolled at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, where they met and married two girls who were also good friends. Both men enlisted in the military and deployed to Vietnam. Michael Dalton and John Hulme were killed in combat in June 1971. Their grieving families and friends established scholarships at Saint Raphael Academy in their honor. Their legacy and example have served as an inspiration to the many students at Saint Raphael Academy who have been assisted by the Dalton/Hulme Scholarship.

The De La Salle Christian Brothers were founded nearly 350 years ago by St. John Baptist de La Salle as a teaching order of brothers. His goal was to provide a comprehensive education to young people, regardless of their wealth or status in life. Today, the Christian Brothers operate more than 1,000 schools in countries across the globe. As part of their mission of service, the Christian Brothers also endow scholarships for students whose families are unable to afford the complete cost of tuition. At Saint Raphael Academy, two such scholarships exist–one from the Christian Brothers regional province, and one from those brothers who have worked and served here in Rhode Island.

The Jake DeRosa Memorial Scholarship was created in in remembrance of Jake DeRosa c/o ‘05. Jake was an outstanding football student athlete who exemplified empathy, honor and commitment to family and friends. Jake was kindhearted and his love for those dare to him was unwavering. This scholarship is awarded to a Saints student to help offset the cost of attending Saint Raphael Academy. Recipients of this award will display a strong commitment to their community, team, and peers.

Chrispino and Ida DiCarlo came of age during the Great Depression and World War II and emerged from those twin crises to build solid, stable communities all across the country. Chris worked at Quonset and later became a letter carrier for the post office, while Ida worked at Citizens Bank for 23 years. They worshipped at St. Teresa Parish on Newport Avenue. Although they were never blessed with children, they were devoted to their extended family of nieces and nephews. Over the years, thanks to their hard work and frugal ways, they were able to live a comfortable retirement. When Ida died in 2006, Chris DiCarlo wanted to establish a living memorial in her honor and he chose to support the students of Saint Raphael Academy. Although he himself was not an alumnus of the Academy, he appreciated the opportunity for education and self-discipline the school offers to students who are fortunate enough to enroll. Chris DiCarlo passed away in March 2020. Through The Chris & Ida DiCarlo Scholarship, the DiCarlos will continue to make a lasting impact on the young people of Pawtucket.

Rhode Island lost one of its longtime philanthropists and community volunteers in the spring 2011 with the passing of Anthony DiPetrillo, Esq. at the age of 96. Throughout his long life, Mr. DiPetrillo was the benefactor of a wide array of local not-for-profit agencies and schools, including Saint Raphael Academy. Mr. DiPetrillo was not an alumnus of the Academy, but he developed an affection for SRA that lasted many years. He was a regular contributor to the Annual Fund and enjoyed reading the thank you notes from students who benefitted from his generosity. In his will, Mr. DiPetrillo stipulated that a scholarship be established at SRA to assist families with the cost of tuition.

Kevin Donahue ’71 grew up in Central Falls and had always wanted to attend Saint Raphael Academy. As a student, he took part in many activities, including football, basketball, track, Drama Club, and Science Club. This impressive high school record forecast accomplishments to come. In 1975, Kevin graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont, and he subsequently earned an MBA from Suffolk University. He joined Quabaug Corporation as a sales representative and, with the same determination and work ethic that was evident in high school, rose through the ranks to become vice president, then president, and ultimately, chairman and CEO. Kevin has been active in civic and charitable affairs and has been a loyal and generous supporter of Saint Raphael Academy and Middlebury College. Through the Kevin Donahue ’71 Scholarship at SRA, a current generation of students has the opportunities for success that education has brought to him.

Dave Duffy’s impact on the state of Rhode Island and Saint Raphael Academy is much too extensive to be covered in a brief biography. Dave graduated from SRA in 1957 and Providence College in 1961. He subsequently worked for the Assistant U.S. Secretary of Transportation in Washington, D.C. In 1973, he co-founded Duffy & Shanley, which remains one of Providence’s premier advertising, marketing and public relations firms. Throughout his career, Dave has advised several political luminaries, including the late Governor of New York and Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller, as well as former Rhode Island Governor Donald L. Carcieri. He’s also been extensively involved with community affairs. The best evidence that high school matters is the fact that Dave chose to establish this scholarship so other students would have the same chances he had growing up in Pawtucket. Beyond that, Dave has also established a scholarship at Providence College, with instructions that it be awarded to qualified applicants from Saint Raphael Academy. David Duffy has never forgotten his roots here on Walcott Street, and his generosity has inspired numerous students over the years.
David Duffy was inducted into the SRA Alumni Hall of Fame in 2018.

Celia Dwyer was the wife of Tom ’62 and the mother of Tim ’86 and Kim ’87. On March 14, 1986, Celia passed away after a long battle with cancer. One of Celia’s greatest passions was Saints football, even before her children entered Saint Raphael Academy. The annual Thanksgiving Day game against rival Tolman High School began with a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts for gold-frosted donuts topped with a purple “R” and lower-level seats at McCoy Stadium to cheer on her beloved football team. After the game, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed at Celia’s parents’ Pawtucket home, followed by an evening of duck pin bowling at the bowling alley on Central Avenue. Nobody was prouder than Celia when Tim joined the Saints football team in his freshman year and when Kim later became a member of the Saints tennis team. As a family, they reveled in the excitement of three Rhode Island State football championships earned by the team in Tim’s freshman, sophomore and junior years and victories over Tolman on each Thanksgiving Day of Tim’s high school years. In the fall of Tim’s senior year/Kim’s junior year, Celia was briefly hospitalized because of her illness. The hospital, however, could not keep Celia from watching Tim and the Saints football team play. Celia famously checked herself out of the hospital on a crisp fall morning and traveled to Lincoln High School to watch the Saints play. Following a hard-fought game, Celia returned to the hospital that afternoon to continue her treatment. A few months later, Celia lost her battle to cancer. March 14, 2021, marked 35 years since Celia’s passing. To honor her memory, Celia’s family established the Celia Dwyer Memorial Scholarship. Each academic year, beginning in the fall of 2021, a scholarship will be given in Celia’s name to a member of the Saints football team (offensive or defensive lineman in tribute to Tim) who demonstrates the values of Saint Raphael Academy at home, in the classroom, in the community and on the football field.

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The John Farley ’34 Memorial Scholarship was established by Bill Farley ’60. It commemorates the values of education and self-discipline that are still prized here at the Academy. John Farley was one of the earliest generations of students at Saint Raphael Academy. He graduated in 1934 and eventually served in the military in World War II. Along the way, he met and married Barbara Farley, with whom he had a family. Barbara Farley did factory work while her husband worked in the post office and also pursued a career as a professional musician throughout the region.
When the time came, John Farley sent his son Bill to his alma mater, SRA. While a student here, Bill participated in numerous sports, co-captained the football team, served on the yearbook staff and consistently maintained his position on the honor roll. He also worked at several local part-time jobs in order to help finance his education. After graduating in 1960, Bill went on to Bowdoin College and Boston College School of Law and earned his JD degree. He then embarked on a storied career in business, which culminated with his ownership of Farley Industries, a diversified firm with many well-known brands to its credit, most notably Fruit of the Loom. Although Bill Farley has traveled the world and currently lives in Chicago, he has chosen to honor the memory of both his parents with generous support of Saint Raphael Academy. Barbara Farley Hall is now home to the arts and music departments of SRA, and the John Farley Scholarship provides the opportunity for another son or daughter of Rhode Island to dream big and take risks.
Bill Farley was inducted into the SRA Alumni Hall of Fame in 2018.

Ray arrived at Saints in the fall of 1966 after nine years at St. Leo’s School in Pawtucket. While at Saints, Ray was actively involved in many aspects of student life, from running cross country and track to serving on Student Council and as class treasurer. Along the way, he served on the yearbook staff, the prom committees, and was a member of the History Club. Besides supporting all of Saints’ athletic programs, Ray was a regular at Providence College basketball games and was always up for a trip to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox.
Upon graduation from Saints, he went on to earn a B.A. in history from the University of Rhode Island and maintained a lifelong love of American history. He went on to get his M.Ed. in special education and held various positions in teaching, administration and advocacy for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. He spent 30 years in the health-care sector and worked in senior management positions in large health-care companies. He led with humor and unfailing integrity and mentored many with his humble and wise nature. He had a quick wit and was the quintessential Irish storyteller. Throughout his life, he maintained strong ties and was loyal to Saint Raphael Academy, regularly participating in the Annual SRA Alumni & Friends Golf Tournament. Most recently, he was involved in organizing his 50th reunion. He died in January 2020. The Ray Gannon ’69 Memorial Scholarship was established upon his death to offer young men and women help in reaching their potential.

Ralph was known throughout northern Rhode Island as the director of the Central Falls Community Center. Through his work, he came in contact with all kinds of families and kids. He kept his eye out for those who had some particular talent or interest and tried to find a way to help them pursue it. Ralph became something of an unofficial scout for the sports programs of Saint Raphael Academy. He was a constant presence at basketball games, and he encouraged the kids from his center to apply for admission to Saints. Once they got in, Ralph would follow their careers here, cheering them on at various sporting events. Upon his death, the Central Falls Community Center was renamed in honor of the man who had served so long at its helm. The Ralph Holden Community Center continues to serve the families and children of Central Falls. Ralph Holden left his mark on the people of his community and we are indebted to his family and friends for the scholarship established in his name at Saint Raphael Academy.

Kathleen Hoyas was a member of one of the first classes of women to graduate Saint Raphael Academy in 1979. (Girls were first admitted in the fall of 1974.) She was a member of the Saint Raphael Academy choir and served on the yearbook staff. After graduating, she earned degrees at the Community College of Rhode Island and embarked on a career in real estate, while also holding numerous community service positions. She was active with the Junior Chamber of Commerce and was the first woman in Rhode Island to be named a JCI Senator, the Junior Chamber International’s highest honor. She was a co-chair of the former Pawtucket Oktoberfest, and a longtime member of its Board of Directors. Her fundraising efforts on behalf of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital were once personally recognized by the hospital’s founder, the late entertainer Danny Thomas. Kathy Hoyas died suddenly after a brief illness at the age of 37. Her family and friends established the Kathleen Hoyas Memorial Scholarship in her honor.

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Jackie Jordan ’56 was the eldest of six children, who originally hailed from Fall River, Massachusetts. At SRA, Jack was the epitome of the all-around athlete. He excelled in baseball, football and basketball, and also tried his hand at golf. He was the recipient of the 1956 RI State Athlete of the Year Award and the Barry Memorial Award (named for Henry Barry ’31) for outstanding student athlete at SRA. His college football career brought him to the West Coast, where he played for Brigham Young University and for San Luis Obispo University. It was in college that he met his wife, Jan, a native Californian. He settled on the West Coast, and pursued a long career in coaching football in California and Arizona. He eventually took a head coaching job at San Joaquin Delta College.
Despite the fact that he never returned to live in Rhode Island, the city of Pawtucket was often in his thoughts. Jack brought his wife and son to visit often, and he kept up a lively, if irregular, correspondence with various classmates from the Class of 1956. Jack had a particular fondness for the Academy and for his experiences here as a scholar, a standout athlete, and a friend to all. When Jack died in March 2010, his widow and son chose to establish The Jackie Jordan ’56 Memorial Scholarship to inspire a current generation of students to puruse their talents and dreams. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated financial need and excels at sports.

In the fall 1952, Charlie King, who had a passion for understanding how things worked, enrolled at Saint Raphael Academy. There he met Robert G. Condon, a physics teacher/football coach who was to become one of the most important influences of his young life. When Charlie and his classmates graduated in 1956, they dedicated their high school yearbook to Coach Condon with these words: “For many of us, Mr. Condon has been a teacher–careful, competent, thorough and inspiring. For many, too, he has been a coach, inspiring in us the true ideals of sportsmanship and team play and instructing us in the mastery of physical skills. For all of us, he has been a friend and, particularly, the constant example of the true Catholic gentleman, living his holy Faith as we hope to live it.” In the years since then, Charlie King, the young man who wanted to figure out how things worked, established a career as an engineer/manager in the design of nuclear reactors. Coach Condon enjoyed a long career in education and retired in Cumberland. As a tribute to his high school football coach and physics teacher, Charlie King established the King/Condon Scholarship. Both he and Coach Condon used to visit SRA each year to present the award to a football player who demonstrated the ideals of dedication, hard work, study and sportsmanship personified by Coach Condon throughout his long career. Over the years, the scholarship fund has also been supported by various members of the Class of 1956 who were fortunate enough to be guided by Coach Condon years ago.

Although Charlie King ’56 has had a very successful career as an engineer/manager in the design of nuclear reactors and has spent much of his life outside Rhode Island, he has never forgotten his roots as a young man in Pawtucket. Like his brothers and his father, Charlie was a student at Saint Raphael Academy in the days when the entire school was based in the West Building and the White Building. Charlie was an excellent student, with a curious mind. “I always wanted to figure out how things worked,” said Charlie. Charlie’s brothers, Dan and Bill, followed him to SRA, graduating in 1957 and 1964, respectively. Dan was involved with track, while Bill ran cross-country and track and also joined the swim team. Dan spent most of his life in the Army, while Bill went on to develop a career in public relations. Charlie King established The King Family Scholarship in honor of his family and of Fr. Hunt of Saint Teresa Parish in Pawtucket, who graduated from SRA with Charlie’s father. He also intended the scholarship to serve as a tribute to the various teachers, coaches and Christian Brothers who formed his education at Saint Raphael Academy. Charlie continues to take an active interest in the success of the Academy, as well as in the students who benefit from the scholarships he has established.

Joseph A. Kumiega ’54 has maintained strong ties to Saint Raphael Academy for many years. During his years here, Joe was a good student and participated in various extracurricular activities such as the Drama Club. As an alumnus, he has served on several committees for the school and helped to coordinate reunions for his classmates over the last 50 years. Professionally, Joe was a stockbroker for many years and had extensive community involvement. Joe and his wife, Patricia, had three children, all of whom are SRA alumni: David ’77, Christopher ’76, and Peter ’83. Patricia was an officer and an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary for SRA during those years. Joe and Patricia established The Kumiega Family Scholarship in order to help current generations of students afford the cost of tuition at Saint Raphael Academy.

Rev. Americo Lapati was a priest with the Diocese of Providence who joined the faculty of Saint Raphael Academy during the 1960s. He served as the Latin and religious studies teacher, as well as the director of guidance for young men during that sometimes-turbulent era. Fr. Lapati was very popular with the students and was widely respected by the faculty as a “bright, erudite personality,” recalled one of his colleagues at the time. He was also extremely proud of his Italian heritage and upbringing and delighted in sharing it with the students. When Fr. Lapati died, a trust fund was established which permanently funds the Rev. Americo D. Lapati Memorial Scholarship to benefit the students of Saint Raphael Academy.

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Dennis M. Lynch, Jr. ’74 was the eldest child of Pawtucket Mayor Dennis Lynch ’50 and his wife, Irene. Dennis was the quintessential Saint Raphael Academy student. He was a standout athlete–captain of the basketball team and 4-year member of the golf team. He was a scholar, named to the Who’s Who of Outstanding American High School Student Societies. He was active in several extracurricular activities such as the Drama Club and the Variety Show. He was an active student leader, serving as president of the senior class, as well as an editor of the yearbook. Finally–and fittingly–he was named valedictorian for the Class of 1974. After graduating college four years later, Dennis returned to SRA to serve as the head basketball coach. His promising future was cut very short in 1988 with a diagnosis of malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. His death several months later at age 33 left a hole in many lives, especially that of his son, Dylan Lynch ’06. Family members and friends established the Dennis M. Lynch, Jr. ’74 Memorial Scholarship in his honor, and continue to contribute to it annually. Each May, the family organizes a road race at Slater Park in memory of Dennis, and the proceeds support this fund.

The Joseph and Eunice Martin Memorial Scholarship was established in 2019 by their son Robert Martin ’54. Robert felt he owed it to his parents to “pay it forward,” to help others receive the same outstanding education that was provided to him and his brothers.

Joseph and Eunice raised their four boys, Robert ’54, Richard ’57, Ronald ’62 and John ’65, in a cold-water flat in Lincoln, RI. Eunice was a stay-at-home mom and Joseph, a textile factory worker. The Martin boys all went on to college and three of them joined the military after graduating from Saint Raphael Academy.

Robert has asked that this scholarship help financially needy students complete their education at Saints and thus enable them to go on to further their education.

In many ways, C. Dona Maynard set the standard for accomplishment at Saint Raphael Academy. A member of one of the earliest classes of boys to attend the new school on Walcott Street, Maynard was the epitome of what a Saints student aspires to be. He was a gifted student and an exceptional athlete. Upon graduation, he embarked on a lifelong career in education. He was a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester and taught at several schools in Rhode Island, as well as at Pueblo High School in Tucson and the University of Vermont in Burlington. For many years, he coached a variety of sports at several schools, including stints as freshman baseball coach at Brown University and as varsity baseball coach at Providence College. Despite his association with many academic institutions, Dona maintained a lifetime of loyalty to his high school alma mater, Saint Raphael Academy. During later years, he was a regular attendee at the annual Senior Alumni Luncheon, where he enjoyed interacting with current generations of students. The C. Dona Maynard ’29 Memorial Scholarship was established upon his death to serve as an inspiration to those students and as a permanent memorial to one of the first and finest graduates of the Academy.

The McConaghy Family Scholarship is the combined effort of Jill ’93, John ’95, and Joe ’97 McConaghy, as well as Joe’s wife, Sheri Herron McConaghy ’97. The McConaghys were able to attend Saint Raphael Academy thanks in part to financial aid from the Thomas Hodge Scholarship Fund. While students here, the McConaghys were involved in multiple sports and activities. Jill was a four-year member of the tennis team, captaining the squad during her senior year. Both John and Joe were members of the hockey team all four years, and Jill and Joe were members of Lasallian Youth. Today, Jill is a school psychologist, John is a commodities trader, and Joe is a teacher in the Pawtucket public schools. As a result of their experiences, both as students at SRA and–in the case of Jill and Joe–as education professionals, the McConaghys have come to appreciate even more the role the Academy played in shaping their ambitions and outlook for the future. In recognition of how important the Thomas Hodge Scholarship was to their education, the McConaghys have established the McConaghy Family Scholarship at Saint Raphael Academy in order to offer a new generation of students the same opportunity they had.

When Vincent McCrystal ’46 lost his mother at a very young age, his father was left to raise the family alone. During those difficult years after the Depression, the elder McCrystal worked nights to try to earn enough to support his family. Under these circumstances, Vincent often credited Saint Raphael Academy with providing the guidance he needed during his teenage years. The Academy must have done a good job, because by the time he was a senior, Vincent was an excellent scholar, a three-sport athlete (baseball, basketball and football), and the recipient of the Pawtucket DAR’s Good Citizenship Award in 1946. During his senior year, he was captain of the football team, and was named to the Providence Journal’s All-State Football squad. Upon graduation, Vincent was admitted to Georgetown University on a football scholarship, but suffered a career-ending injury and returned to Rhode Island. He enrolled at Rhode Island College and pursued a career in education, returning to SRA as a teacher and football coach in the 1950s and 1960s.
During those years, Vincent and his wife, Eileen, mentored hundreds of SRA students–Vincent through his work in the classroom and on the field and Eileen as chaperone of various student events. Eventually, Vincent’s career in education brought him to the public schools of East Providence and Cumberland, where he served as the high school principal. Vincent is fondly remembered by his students and players, one of whom recalled him as “a true professional and a class act, who left a mark on so many.” The Vincent & Eileen McCrystal Memorial Scholarship has been established by their four children to preserve their legacy for future generations.

John J. McDermott ’51–better known as Jack to his friends and colleagues–attended Saint Raphael Academy along with his brother James in the 1950s. Jack was a good student at the Academy and took part in extra-curricular activities, serving on the set crew for the very popular Minstrel Show, for example. Jack’s main interest, however, was golf. During his senior year, he captained the golf team, and he continues to pursue his pastime both in Rhode Island and at his winter home in Florida. Jack served 15 years as treasurer of the Rhode Island Golf Association. He attended Holy Cross. As a businessman, Jack owned and operated Atlantic Paper in Pawtucket. He and his wife, Rosemary, had five children, and have been very active with the ARC of Blackstone Valley, where their daughter Anne has received services for many years. Jack and Rosemary established The McDermott Family Scholarship because, as the parents of a large family, they know both the value of a good education for children and the cost of providing them with that opportunity. Thanks to their generosity, several Pawtucket area students have been able to attend Saint Raphael Academy.

Joseph T. McHale ’62 was one of the most passionate advocates for Saint Raphael Academy in its long history. He had a lifelong commitment to what he called “the little school on Walcott Street.” Joe McHale was a straight-A student throughout his four years at the Academy and was the valedictorian of his class. Joe was active in the science and math clubs, participated in the drama club, ran track and enjoyed intramural sports. His impressive record at SRA presaged accomplishments that were to follow in his professional and personal life. Besides being a devoted husband and father, Joe was active in a wide array of civic and philanthropic activities. He was the CEO and co-owner of John J. McHale & Sons, Inc. and PRM Concrete Corporation. Prior to that, Joe had clerked for a year for Justice Alfred Joslin on the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
His volunteer commitments were numerous. He was a member of the Bristol County Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, a vice president of the Pawtucket Rotary and a member of the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce. He was chairman of Georgetown University’s interviewers program for southeastern Massachusetts. He was a member of the Pawtucket Foundation and the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club, where he served as chair of the finance committee. In 1999, he received the Boys and Girls Club’s National Good Citizen and Service Award.
Most important to SRA, he was a lifelong advocate and supporter of the Academy. He served on several volunteer committees, including a term as chair of the school board at the turn of the 21st century. Joe always maintained that it was important to Pawtucket and indeed to all of Rhode Island to have a school like Saint Raphael Academy that upheld the tradition of offering a high-quality Catholic education to students, regardless of their financial situation. Tragically, in 2003, Joe was killed by a drunk driver. Joe’s widow, Rose, continues the McHale tradition of service and support to the Academy. The Joseph T. McHale ’62 Memorial Scholarship is a living testimonial to his memory.
Joe McHale was inducted into the SRA Alumni Hall of Fame in 2018.

The Thomas and Katherine McHale Scholarship was established by Joseph McHale ’62 in memory of his parents. Although Thomas McHale did not attend Saint Raphael Academy, he was, in many ways, the embodiment of Academy values. The grandson of Irish immigrants, Thomas McHale was one of six children of John J. McHale, who founded the John J. McHale & Sons Company in Pawtucket, RI. Although Thomas was a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he was more likely to oversee the business aspects of the family company than he was to exercise his design skills.
Katherine McHale was also a native of Pawtucket. She was a homemaker and mother to Joe, her only child. Behind the scenes, she was an astute businesswoman and a savvy investor, a woman ahead of her years, thanks to the appreciation and respect her husband and son bestowed on her. Having come from a very humble background herself, Katherine always valued education and wished to see her son and other students from the community succeed. She appreciated the opportunities that were available to her son and others like him through Saint Raphael Academy. Thomas and Katherine passed on their talent, intellect and values to Joseph McHale, who graduated SRA in 1962 as valedictorian of his class. Joe, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 2003, was widely regarded as a kind, compassionate man and a determined advocate of Saint Raphael Academy. The Thomas & Katherine McHale Scholarship was his tribute to the parents who had raised him with such strong values.

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Marie-Elaina Gennari graduated from Saint Raphael Academy in 1985. She was class president freshman and sophomore year and vice president of Student Council junior and senior year. She was a cheerleader freshman, sophomore and junior year. Her senior year, Malaina represented the spirit of our family as the “Saint.” She was known not only to her friends, but to everyone as “Momma” for her neverending compassion and personification of all the qualities a mother expresses–kindness, caring, and nurturing, who teaches, encourages and inspires all who know her. She is a woman who is admired, cherished and deeply loved. Malaina retuned to her beloved SRA to work as a guidance counselor and is the faculty manager of the football team. The MGM Award is an annual scholarship to be presented to a returning Saints student who is also a member of the football team in good standing. The recipient is selected based on his commitment to his team, his dedication to his education and his support of the Saints community. The recipient will also embody the contagious “Saints spirit” that Malaina Murphy demonstrates every day. This award is affectionately known as “The Momma Murphy Award.”

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Presented to a graduate who, through his or her actions and spirit, consistently embodies the values of fellowship, tolerance and respect for all.  The recipient is chosen by members of the senior class and faculty.  The award is given in memory of Shawn M. Nassaney ’94, who was killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Dennis M. O’Brien ’60 is something of a legend here at Saint Raphael Academy. Although he grew up in South Attleboro, he was devoted to SRA, from the time he served as co-captain of the football team through his later years as a coach when he developed the Saints football program into a local powerhouse. As a student, Dennis was an active participant in various extra-curricular activities such as the Don Bosco Club, the prom committee and the glee club.
But first and foremost, Dennis was a football player–always a football player. Football was his first love, and so it was not surprising that Dennis eventually returned to SRA to serve as head coach. It was under his guidance that SRA won four Super Bowls, between 1980 and 1984. During his 14-year tenure as coach, he compiled a remarkable record of 115 wins, 25 losses and 3 ties. Naturally, the awards piled up. Dennis was named Rhode Island High School Football Coach of the Year in 1984 and the New England High School Football Coach of the Year the following season.
Sadly, the man whose heart for winning was so big was also stricken with heart disease, suffering his first serious attack at age 40. He was told he had five years to live. Dennis battled his illness with the same determination that he brought to the gridiron, and lived twice as long as doctors had predicted. Ten years after his first heart attack, Dennis O’Brien died at the age of 50. The scholarship that was established in his memory supports students who maintain good grades, have demonstrated financial need, and–of course–play football. Saint Raphael Academy is proud to carry on the legacy of Dennis M. O’Brien.

The Donald Payton ’56 Memorial Scholarship was established in 2018 by Don’s longtime friend, fellow caddie and business partner Jim Noonan ’54, his brother Marty Payton ’54 and other Payton family members and friends. Don passed away in September 2018.

Don Payton ’56 was an exemplary and beloved alum of Saint Raphael Academy. He was captain of the undefeated SRA football team that won the state football championship in 1955. Don continued to play football at Northeastern University and was later a youth coach. Throughout his life, Don cherished the winning game ball that was autographed by all his teammates, and he donated the ball back to the Academy at his 60th class reunion in 2016. Don was an all-around athlete who was an excellent golfer, tennis player and recreational skier. Don had a charismatic personality and made friends throughout his life and career. He was president of Payton Enterprises and a self-employed manufacturers’ sales representative in the metals field. In later life, Don turned his attention to writing and was a published poet and author. Don retired full-time to Quechee, Vermont, with his wife Patricia. They raised three sons.

Don’s friends and family established this scholarship in his memory to help current Saint Raphael Academy students in financial need.

Presented to a graduate who has distinguished themselves to the mission of campus ministry and Christian service. The award is given in memory of Rita Pratt, who exemplified these qualities in her life and as an educator at Saint Raphael Academy for more than 35 years.

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When Frank Riley ’33 turned 85, his son Steve ’72 honored the occasion by establishing the Francis C. Riley ’33 Scholarship. Frank, who died in 2004, was touched by the gift, and said “I’m so glad that other people will benefit from this. It’s for a very good purpose.” Frank Riley was the youngest of seven children. He attended St. Joseph Elementary School (now the East Building for SRA) prior to attending the Academy. As the youngest of a large family, Frank was uncertain whether tuition would be affordable, but his academic record was so impressive that he earned a coveted scholarship, reserved for the most outstanding graduate of St. Joseph School. With his tuition thus assured, Frank was able to enroll at the Academy.
At SRA, Frank was an honor student and an athlete. He played basketball and was inducted into the Rhode Island Honor Society. He graduated in the top third of his class and maintained lasting friendships with several classmates from the Academy. He was a lifelong resident of Pawtucket, leaving the city only onceduring his service in the United States Army during World War II, when he served in the European theater. Upon his return home, he began a 50-year career in the real estate business. Frank was also an avid and accomplished ballroom dancer, attending several national and international ballroom dance conventions. Steve Riley ’72 was a class officer, a member of the newspaper staff and the Drama Club and was inducted into both the RI Honor Society and the National Honor Society. He chose to honor his dad’s legacy by establishing The Francis C. Riley ’33 Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to students who maintain good grades, are in need of financial assistance, and come from St. Teresa Parish.

With his family home located directly behind the school and his father, Dr. John L. Savage, having graduated in 1936, it was only natural that John Savage ’73 and his brothers would attend Saint Raphael Academy. As a student at SRA, John participated in intramural sports and showed a literary bent as a member of the newspaper staff. After SRA, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Rhode Island and earned a master’s degree in German from Tufts University. He pursued varied career opportunities in advertising sales, the U.S. Navy, and banking and securities trading at Fidelity Investments.
John learned about the Franciscans of the Holy Land religious order while he was in the Navy. He later participated in a retreat sponsored by the Order and is now an ordained Franciscan brother. During the nine years Br. John was in the Holy Land, he was assigned to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (where Jesus was born) and to the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, located on the land where Jesus was crucified. Upon the death of his mother, Br. John, who has taken the vow of poverty, chose to use his inheritance to establish The Savage Family Scholarship at Saint Raphael Academy. The scholarship is awarded to males from Pawtucket who are good students and who are of the Catholic faith.

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Terry Thomas ’87 was a two-letter athlete at Saint Raphael Academy, excelling in both basketball and baseball. His classmates remember him as a gentle giant with a wonderful, dry sense of humor. He had a heart that was big enough to fill his 6-foot frame, and he was always there to lend an ear or a hand to a friend. His classmates remember him most for his calm and easy demeanor, as well as his ability to make people laugh. Tragically, Terry Thomas died in a motorcycle accident less than a year after graduating Saint Raphael Academy. An extraordinary outpouring of affection for Terry from family, friends and numerous classmates resulted in the establishment of The Terry Thomas ’87 Memorial Scholarship. The fund supports scholarships for students in need of financial assistance and who, like Terry, are athletes and scholars.

Thomas F. Tierney ’28 was a lifelong resident of Pawtucket and a longtime teacher in the Pawtucket public schools. Upon his death in August 2005, Mr. Tierney bequeathed funds to establish The Tierney Family Scholarship at Saint Raphael Academy. Thomas Tierney was a gracious and thoughtful man who personified what is meant by the phrase “Renaissance man.” He was a 1932 graduate of Providence College and taught Latin, Greek and the Classics at Tolman High School. He was music director of The Mastersingers and a member of the American Classical League, the Classical Association of New England, the Virgilian Society and the American Association of Teachers of German. He received a Master of Arts degree from Brown University in 1944. Ninety-four years old at the time of his death, Mr. Tierney was a member of the first graduating class from the Academy. He was a founder and the first president of the SRA Alumni Association and was editor-in-chief of the Raphaelite as a student. By profession and by inclination, Thomas Tierney was dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. The scholarship he established will provide aid to deserving students who wish to carry on the same tradition of lifelong learning.

When Doreen A. Tomlinson graduated from Saint Raphael Academy in 1980, she already had her sights set on a profession. Her plan was to join the Pawtucket police force just like her dad, retired Police Chief John Tomlinson, who was a police commander when Doreen joined the force. Six months after completing the police academy, Doreen Ann Tomlinson was killed on duty, during a traffic accident. As one of Chief and Mrs. Tomlinson’s six children, Doreen had an outgoing personality and a ready smile. During her time at SRA, she was a 4-year member of the cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams, as well as a member of the National Honor Society, the Rhode Island Honor Society, the Math Team and the yearbook staff. In memory of Doreen, the Tomlinson family established the Doreen Ann Tomlinson ’80 Memorial Scholarship, which provides annual financial assistance to a girl from each class at the Academy.

Many people have said, “The only thing that is certain in life is death and taxes.” Robert’s family said that it is so fitting then, that Bob passed away in the midst of doing everyone’s taxes for free. That was Bobhe lived his life in service of others while never expecting anything in return. Bob was always drivento learn, find, make and share. He was the “go-to guy” who would seek out information he did not know in order to find an answer to help make other’s lives easier and to solve their problems. To many, he was the “dream maker” and the “lifesaver.” Bob worked tirelessly day and night to help those he loved. If he did not know what to do, he would find out and follow through on the advice he gave.
While Bob was a quiet and shy teenager at Saint Raphael Academy, he studied hard and upon graduation, went on to pursue finance at Bryant University. With this education he became a popular, well-respected member of his community. He made friends in all walks of life while always holding true to his roots. For 31 years, Bob dedicated his life to JIF Investment Co. and Blackstone Auto Sales + Body, Inc. where he developed and expanded the company in his role as the company’s treasurer/controller. While his passing was difficult to accept, his friends and family want his legacy to live on. This scholarship has been developed in Bob’s honor, to continue his legacy of giving back to his roots, so that other young students can pursue their dreams and pass on random acts of kindness.