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The Next Century Capital Campaign

Building on faith, service and community for the next century
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 "The Next 100 Years" Capital Campaign

As we near our centennial anniversary, we must seize this moment to shape the future we envision for the Saint Raphael Academy community. Founded in 1924 in the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are guided by the mission to give a human and Christian education to all young people who seek it, including the poor.

Since its founding, Saint Raphael Academy has enriched the lives of over 9,000 young men and women,  Our inclusive family is the most diverse Catholic high school in Rhode Island. 

To realize the next chapter for our students, we must 1) expand the accessibility of our education and 2) provide an enhanced learning environment that will make our students nimble and resilient in the 21st century.

We must increase our ability to give scholarships so any and all who want a SAINTS education can receive it. And once those students are in our doors, we want to provide them with a nurturing, individualized instruction that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

It is for these reasons we ask you to consider a one-time gift or multi-year commitment to our capital campaign, "The Next 100 Years." 

You may designate your gift to one of the three areas of your choice, below, or allow us to use it at our discretion. For more information, contact our Advancement Department at 401-723-8100, Ext. 120.

As we look ahead, we know Saint Raphael Academy will continue to grow and thrive. As an investor in our future, you will light the way and provide children with the tools they need to eliminate barriers in their lives.

With deepest thanks,
Mr. Daniel Richard, Principal

What your support can do

Philanthropic investments in the following critical areas will help ensure Saint Raphael Academy excels as a competitive and attractive choice among Catholic and college preparatory schools and provides current and incoming students with the materials, resources, facilities, and academic offerings needed for 21st -century learning.


To ensure we continue providing an exceptional educational environment, we must keep our school accessible for our socially and economically diverse student body while providing them facilities to meet their 21st century learning needs.


To fulfill our vision of preserving excellence and shaping the leaders of tomorrow, we are committed to offering an unparalleled 21st century education that is accessible to promising students from diverse backgrounds.



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Providing access to the transformative Saints Experience


To ensure SAINTS continues to attract and enroll some of the area's most promising students, we must increase our ability to offer need and merit-based financial aid to all who need help.

  • Despite our commitment to providing one of the most affordable Catholic high school options in the area, our $13,350/year tuition is challenging for many families.
  • Each year, 365 students, including incoming first-year students, seek some financial aid assistance with only $1.7 million available.
  • As a result, each year, between 75-90 students are unable to attend or return to SAINTS.

$4,500,000 will be designated for scholarship and tuition assistance.

  • $1,000,000 dedicated to SAINTS’ immediate and ongoing financial aid need
  • $3,500,000 to be added to our endowment. The impact of an increased endowment will be significant and far-reaching; specifically, this investment will:
    • Enhance our ability to offer need- and merit-based scholarships to deserving students.
    • Create a source of revenue providing financial stability.
    • Provide the flexibility to direct more funds into enhancing the SAINTS student experience.
    • Increase SAINTS' potential, at the appropriate time, to reduce debt accumulated over several years.


Under the guidance of our highly qualified faculty, coaches, staff, and administration, our students are guided to achieve their full potential and become lifelong learners. Additional investments in our infrastructure, specifically in programs focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) initiatives will result in:

  • Renovated science labs: Improvements to science labs in our West Building would enhance our reputation as the first STEAM-certified high school in the state.

    • The chemistry lab will be completely renovated and brought to the highest standards for student learning, research, and experimentation.
    • Vernier technology will be available for student experiments and link directly to software installed on student computers, increasing the number and types of labs conducted.
    • Lab tables and classroom space would be updated for safety and collaboration.

  • Transform our former library into a 21st Century learning space: by removing books, we will create space for students to learn collaboratively using technology to access the information they need. (NOTE: PROJECT COMPLETED SUMMER 2021)

  • An investment in our art programs: Arts spaces will be accessible to more students by utilizing existing classrooms in the Annex Building with improved storage, supplies, and studio spaces.

Enhancing the student experience to promote 21st century academic excellence

Your Role in Our Success

We face the moment in time where we must act. Through this campaign, we have a foundation on which to build our future and remain focused on our mission.

We are mindful the campaign will be accomplished through leadership and support from those who understand the magnitude of our impact and our unique ability to change the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for considering a significant role in shaping the future of Saint Raphael Academy.

Building on faith, service and community for the next century
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