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Student Handbook

The Saint Raphael Academy Student Handbook details all of the Academy’s policies and procedures. Families are asked to carefully review the contents of the handbook as a family, and ensure that the tuition contract is signed, acknowledging that the handbook was read.


Student Handbook (click for a PDF version of the handbook)


Statewide Bullying Policy


Attention: All consequences listed for specific violations are used as a guide for the school’s administration. The school’s administration reserves the right to adjust the consequence according to the severity of the violation. The school administration is sole arbitrator in determining the severity of an offense/violation.
Absences in Regard to Academics

Regular attendance is essential. If a student is to make satisfactory progress and receive credit for his/her year’s work, parents must be sure that their children are absent only when absolutely necessary. Extensive absenteeism can result in a failing grade. It is the school policy that if a student is absent from school 10 days in a semester (a total of 20 for year-long courses), that student’s grade will be dropped by 10 points (the equivalency of a full letter grade). After 10 days of absences, students will begin accumulating zeroes for all days missed beyond the previous 10 days. All absences will be counted equally. A parent’s note or phone call will not be considered as an exempted reason for the student’s absence. It is very possible that for a number of reasons (e.g., tardiness, early dismissal), a student could violate the policy in one class (such as English) and not another (such as math), depending upon when the classes meet; or it is possible for a student to lose credit at the same time for all courses taken. Vacations taken during school time will count directly towards the number of days missed.

Letters will be sent home to inform parents when a student has accumulated 5 absences.

The following situations, however, are exempt from the total number of absences: Any illness IF the student was seen by a doctor and submits a doctor's note on the day of their return; doctor’s note from a dentist or doctor for a scheduled appointment if necessary when they arrive late or are excused early; religious holidays or other religious commitments such as a funeral; a unique circumstance approved by the administration. Upon the day of your child’s return, it is the student’s responsibility to see his/her teachers to arrange make up work and to complete that work as soon as possible. However, once a student is in violation of this policy, they will not be permitted to make up any missed work unless a doctor's note is submitted.

Students with prolonged/chronic illnesses MUST resubmit a doctor’s note every 4 weeks for exemptions to continue to apply. This medical supervision will be required until symptoms resolve. Should student NOT be reevaluated, the attendance will return to excused non-exempt status. Students should arrange for the completion of make-up work in consultation with their guidance counselor and teachers. Ultimately, the administration will continue to reserve the right to review any case regarding this policy without prejudice due to extenuating circumstances that are brought to their attention.

• Parents’ notes/phone calls only verify that the student is not subject to disciplinary actions. They do not exempt the tardy or absence.

• Please refrain from planning vacations during school time. However, in circumstances where time away from school cannot be avoided, there will be consideration given on an individual basis by the Principal and the Vice Principal of Academics. Any request for such consideration must be made in writing well in advance. Please Note: This request must be made in writing and given to the Vice Principal of Academics, not to the teachers or Guidance Department. If this procedure is not followed, the days absent can be designated as unexcused absences and subject to academic penalties.

• College visits for seniors and juniors should be planned for days when school is not in session such as: faculty professional development days, holidays and school vacations.

• If a student is absent on any given day, he/she cannot attend or participate in any after-school function that day without the expressed consent of the Principal. The student must attend at least two classes to be marked present. The Principal reserves the right to waive this regulation.

• We do not recognize a student who reaches the age of 18 while attending Saint Raphael Academy to be legally responsible for himself/herself. The Academy will only recognize parent/guardians as the responsible agents for their child.

Early Dismissal

If a parent feels there is an urgent need for a student to be excused before the end of the school day, the student must bring a note to the Vice Principal of Student Life’s Office for approval prior to the start of school at 8:00 A.M. on the day of the dismissal. We reserve the right to deny this privilege if we deem the reason to be insufficient. Parents are advised to schedule appointments outside of the school day. A student will only be allowed 3 early dismissals a quarter unless there is an emergency.

Senior Privilege

Seniors are given the privilege of being dismissed at 1:13 pm when they have no class during the last period. In addition, seniors who have study periods during the first period are permitted to enter school at 8:56 am. Students being dismissed must sign out in Office 25, and students entering school late must sign at Office 25 as well.

This is a privilege that must be earned and is not a right. They must fill out the appropriate privilege form and have it signed by a parent/guardian. Seniors must be in good standing academically behaviorally and have a good attendance record. The dismissal is contingent on the following criteria:
1. If a student has been suspended or has excessive detentions or outstanding detentions.
2. If a student has a poor academic record.
3. If a student has a poor attendance record, such as excessive tardiness or absenteeism.

*The Vice-Principal of Student Life is the final arbiter in matters concerning the Senior Privilege for early dismissals. The senior privileges will go into effect when the Vice Principal of Student Life feels the senior class overall displays exemplary academic and behavioral expectations.

Late for School

A student who arrives in school after 8:00 a.m. is late and must report directly to homeroom. If a student arrives after homeroom (8:10 or later), they must secure an admittance slip from the East or West Office before reporting to class. Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action. Arriving late to school is not an excuse not to use a crosswalk. Students are expected to cross Walcott Street at either crosswalk. Due to safety concerns, crossing the street in a non-marked zone is strictly prohibited. Any student found not to be using a crosswalk will be issued detention. Please note: In order for the student to be excused from his/her tardiness, we must receive either a note from a parent or a call from a parent stating why the student is tardy on the day of the tardiness. Notes/calls will not be accepted at a later date. Oversleeping is not considered as an excused tardy.

3 Tardies per Quarter = 1 Office detention
6 Tardies per Quarter = 2 Office detentions 
9 Tardies per Quarter = 3 Office detentions 
12 Tardies per Quarter = 4 Office detentions 
More than 12 Tardies = 1 Day In-School suspension and parent will be notified. If a student arrives after 8:30 a.m. without a note or without the office receiving a phone call for the tardiness, he/she will serve one office detention. 
Tardiness will increase with every unexcused hour. In addition, Letters will be sent home informing parents when a student has reached 10 violations of our late to school policy.

Tardy after 8:30am = 1 office detention 
Tardy after 9:30am = 2 office detentions 
Tardy after 10:30am = 3 office detentions 
Tardy after 11:30am = ISS

If the violation continues the Vice Principal of Student Life will request a conference with the parents regarding the issue.

Late for Class

Students with an unexcused tardy for class 5 minutes or less will report directly to class and the subject teacher will take appropriate measures (ex. teacher detention) to ensure that is does not happen again. Students with an unexcused tardy for class over 5 minutes, must report to the office to obtain an admittance slip to class. Having an unexcused tardy for class over 15 minutes will be considered a cut class. Teachers who detain a student, therefore making him/her late for a class, should issue them a pass to enter their next class. Class unexcused tardiness will result in the following disciplinary actions:

Under 5 minutes = teacher may issue a teacher detention to be served with the teacher. Students not reporting to teacher detention will receive 1 Office Detention and will still be required to serve the teacher’s detention.

Over 5 minutes 
1st violation = 1 Office detention 
2nd violation = 2 Office detentions 
3rd violation = 3 Office detentions including a Friday detention 
4th violation = 1 Day In-School suspension and parent will be notified
5th violation = 2 Days In-School suspension and parent will be notified

Class Cut 
Over 15 minutes is considered a Class Cut = 3 Office detentions If the violation continues the Vice Principal of Student Life will request a conference with the parents regarding the issue.


Students are expected to be at school on every scheduled school day. A student who is found to be truant (absent without parental consent) will be liable for an internal suspension and a grade of zero for all work missed. There are no “skip days” provided within the school calendar.

Excused absences must be reported to the school by telephone, email or a written note excusing your child’s absence within 24 hours. Any student who does not have an excused absence within 24 hours will be subjected to the discipline chart below. TO AVOID CONSEQUENCES, ALL ABSENCES MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 24 HOURS TO THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE. The attendance office will not accept excuses past the 24-hour time frame.

Truant Discipline Chart:

1st violation = 1 detention
2nd violations = 2 detentions
3rd violations = 3 detentions
4th violations = 1-day Internal Suspension
5th violation = 2-day Internal Suspension
6th violation = 3-day Internal Suspension/Discipline Board Hearing



Philosophy of Discipline

Self-development, self-expression and self-discipline are major themes expressed in the Lasallian philosophy of education. The philosophy of discipline is, therefore, based on the same principles. It is realized that young men and women need direction in the process of self-growth and that errors along the way must be called to their attention.

Every student has the responsibility to respect one another’s person, space and opinion. All students should have the privilege to further their education in a peaceful, secure atmosphere. The attainment of this goal requires the full cooperation of the administration, the faculty, the student body and the parents.

All students are expected to adhere to the school code of conduct, policies and regulations. A student can be referred to a discipline board regarding expulsion from Saint Raphael Academy for a single infraction the administration deems egregious or a combination of infractions. The school’s administration is the sole arbitrator in determining the egregiousness of an offense.


Violations of the school’s rules or regulations are controlled by the Detention System. Any member of the faculty observing a student committing an act contrary to good order should take action. If a faculty member deems it serious enough to merit sanction, he/she should report the incident to the Vice Principal of Student Life. The Vice Principal of Student Life will award the sanction and see that it is carried out. A student whose behavior outside of the school jeopardizes the school’s good name may, at the discretion of the Administration, be asked to leave school, do home study, be barred from participation in school activities, or be subject to other disciplinary actions. The Vice Principal of Student Life will maintain records of offenses reported for each student. He will inform the parents of all serious offenses or an accumulation of minor offenses, and when necessary, he will request the parents to meet with him to discuss the student’s conduct.


Detention is a form of punishment used in schools, where a student is required to spend extra time in school. School detention takes place at the end of the school day. However, other times may be used such as before the school day starts, weekends, and breaks in the school day such as a study period. A detention is typically carried out in a room that offers no amenities for leisure so that students serving detention will have no outlet to distract them from their punishment. If the situation presents itself, students may perform some task to decrease detentions owed. Such tasks may take the form of housekeeping, moving educational supplies etc. SRA detention is usually considered to be one of the milder punishments available at the school. Multiple detentions may be given for more serious offenses, however, if detention fails to cure the student’s behavior, or for more severe behavior, harsher punishments such as suspension or expulsion may be used. In addition, if a student fails to report to detention on the date given, the student will receive an additional detention for failure to report.

Office Detention

Office detentions are served in a designated area after the school day from 2:20 – 3:15. Students will have 48 hours’ notice to serve the detention. They will be issued a detention slip as a reminder that detention will be served on a particular date. The students should already be aware that they have a detention to serve. Students will either be issued the slip directly from the Vice Principal of Student Life’s Office or from their homeroom teacher. If a student misses the detention due to an absence, detention must be served on the day they return to school. If a student does not attend detention for other reasons they will be required to serve an additional detention for each day that was missed. In addition, if a student reaches 10 unserved detentions they will not be allowed to participate in an after school activity such as a sport, club, team workouts/training, and/or fundraising event. If the original detentions are not served and the student accumulates another 10 unserved detentions, the consequences will multiply with the growing number of unserved detentions. In addition, any unserved detention will carry over into the following school year and consequences will apply. In addition, any unserved detention will carry over into the following school year and

Consequences of reaching 10 unserved detentions:

  • 1st Ten detentions unserved = 1 day of ISS
  • 2nd Twenty detentions unserved = 2 days of ISS
  • 3rd Thirty detentions unserved = 1 days of external suspension
  • 4th Forty detentions unserved = 2 days of external suspension
  • 5th Fifty detentions unserved = 3 days of external suspension/student will be brought before the discipline board for removal from school.
School Vacation and Summer Detention

Students who have reached ten or more unserved detentions maybe be offered the opportunity to fulfill their detention obligations over the February and April school vacation if staffing is available. Students ending the school year with five or more detentions will be issued mandatory summer vacation detention following the conclusion of the school year. If the student chooses not to report to summer detention, then his/her detentions will carry over into the following school year. Any student who previously reached the ten-detention mark and/or a student who accumulated ten or more detentions will not be able to participate in a fall sport or participate in preseason workouts.

Teacher Detention

Students are required to attend a teacher’s detention first. If a student fails to complete a teacher’s detention, then an office detention will be issued for failing to report to the teacher’s detention. The student will be required to complete both the teacher’s detention and the office detention.

Missing Detention

Students may be excused from detention for the following reasons; early dismissal, absence, schedule tutoring from the Vice Principal of Academics, or doctor’s appointments. Students must bring in a written note from a parent/guardian regarding the doctor’s appointment 24 hours prior to the detention date. It is suggested that students complete detention before a scheduled sporting event. Students may complete detention prior to the date issued, however, if a student does not show for a scheduled detention, an additional detention will be added to the original detention for failure to report. It is highly encouraged for all students who receive detention to serve their detention in a timely manner. If a student is absent from homeroom, they are responsible for checking in with their homeroom teacher for any detention slips. In addition, students can check the Plus Portal for any detentions on file.


Suspension is for more serious offenses or for repeated minor violations. The Vice Principal of Student Life has the authority to suspend a student for disciplinary reasons. Suspensions may be for a specific number of days, or indefinite. In every case, the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will be given notification when he/she is suspended.

In-School Suspension
In-school suspension requires the student to report to school each day of the suspension but will not be allowed to attend his/her regular classes or to participate in any school activities. There will be a designated area for these students in the Vice Principal of Student Life’s office.

Students assigned to ISS must complete all assigned work by 2:09 and submit it to all teachers by email or OneNote as directed by teacher. Teachers will be notified, when possible, 24 hours in advance so that they may have work available for students. Students may receive full credit for work submitted. The grade will be based on the quality of work submitted.

External Suspension
Continued poor conduct or a single very serious offense may call for external suspension or dismissal from school. After a suspension, a student may be placed on probation. This will be done only after consultation with the parents and the student. A student on probation will be ineligible for all extracurricular activities. Additionally, if a student receives an external suspension, then the student will only receive up to 75% credit for work missed during this time. Daily assignments must be submitted by 2:09. Quizzes or tests may be made up for full credit upon return. Teacher will schedule date/time for missed test and quizzes to be completed due to external suspensions.

A student who is externally suspended from the school will not be allowed to attend any school activities. All students issued an external suspension will be required to write a reflection essay regarding their suspension from school. This essay must be two or more pages, typed, and presented to the Vice Principal of Student Life the morning of the student’s return. Failure to complete the essay will result in three nights of office detention.

Before a student is permanently dismissed from the school, the Vice Principal of Student Life will investigate the situation thoroughly and recommend to the Principal the permanent dismissal of the student. The Principal will have a hearing with the student and his/her parents and make the final determination for dismissal.

Dances and Detention

Attending a school dance is a privilege. All student detentions must be completed in order to attend a school dance or prom. A concerted effort must be taken on the part of the student to fulfill detention obligations prior to the dance. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure any outstanding detentions are served and they are in good standing prior to the dance date.

Detention – Athletes, Class Officers, Student Council Officers, and Clubs

Students are required to complete detention is a timely manner. If a student reaches ten unserved detentions and the student is a member of a club, a class officer, a student council officer, or on an athletic team, no participation will be allowed until all detentions have been served.

ATTENTION: The type of discipline/consequences listed above are examples of the consequences that are frequently used at Saint Raphael Academy. However, the list of possible consequences above is not an exhaustive list. Saint Raphael Academy reserves the right to implement consequences for any violation that may not be listed. The school administration is sole arbitrator in determining the severity of an offense/violation.

Dress Code

Appearance and Attire

Students at Saint Raphael Academy are expected to dress appropriately at all times on campus before, during, and after school.

All students are expected to be in uniform while on campus between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., with the exception of athletes engaged in after-school practice sessions. Those who do not have an assigned class during the last period of the day must remain in uniform while on campus.

Uniform Guidelines

Saint Raphael Academy students are expected to wear the uniform properly. This means that the uniform components fit the student appropriately.

  • All uniforms are to be purchased through Donnelly’s in Cranston, RI ( Gently used uniform pieces may also be purchased through the SRA Parents Association Uniform Swap twice a year.
  • Pants, sweatshirts, shirts and shorts may not be oversized to the point that, in the judgment of the administration, the clothes do not fit the student properly.
  • Only solid white, short-sleeved tee-shirts may be worn under polo shirts and oxfords. Other shirts of any nature should not be worn under or over the uniform.
  • Students should wear polo and oxford shirts that are tucked in at all times with the exception of a banded shirt for the girls which may be left untucked.
    Untucked shirts: Students are required to have their shirts tucked in at all times. Students who violate this rule will receive a verbal warning for the 1st offense and 1 night of office detention for each offense thereafter. If a student is having a chronic problem following this rule the Vice Principal of Student Life will implement tougher consequences at his discretion or may issue an out of school suspension and notify the parents of a possible dismissal if the violation continues.
  • Skirts are to be worn not more than 2 inches above the knee with black opaque tights. If violated, the student will lose her right to wear a skirt.
  • Shorts are to be worn not more than 2 inches above the knee and may not be rolled. Only shorts with the SAINTS logo are acceptable
  • Leggings are not acceptable.
  • No sandals may be worn; backless shoes are not acceptable as well as heels over 2 inches high.
  • There is no formal uniform for physical education classes at Saints. Students may wear comfortable athletic clothing during the class, keeping in mind the guidelines for dress down days (see below).

Violation of any of the above guidelines will result in a student being asked to change into a uniform, borrow a belt or asked to call home and have a parent/guardian bring in appropriate attire and the student will be subject to receiving detention.

Warm Weather Uniform (August – November 1st and April 1st – June)

Boys and Girls:

  • Pullover polo knit shirt in purple or white with SAINTS logo embroidered on the front and tucked in at all times.
  • Oxford-style shirts in white with long or short sleeves with the SAINTS logo embroidered on the pocket and tucked in at all times. Boys must wear a necktie of their choice at all times.
  • Docker-style walking shorts in khaki with the SAINTS logo embroidered on the bottom.
  • Practical walking shoes and sneakers are acceptable.
  • Matching socks are required at all times.
Cool Weather Uniform (Standard Uniform) (November 1st – April 1st)


  • Oxford style shirts in white with long or short sleeves with the SAINTS logo embroidered on the pocket and tucked in at all times.
  • Necktie of student’s choice must be worn at all times.
  • Docker style pants in khaki or black with the SAINTS logo embroidered on the lower edge of the front pocket.
  • Belt of student’s choice must be worn at all times.
  • Practical walking shoes and sneakers are acceptable.
  • Matching socks are required at all times.


  • Oxford style shirts in white with long or short sleeves with the SAINTS logo embroidered on the pocket. Only the top button may be left unbuttoned and the shirts must be tucked in at all times. Long-sleeve polo shirts with the Saints logo may also be worn.
  • Docker style pants in khaki or black with the SAINTS logo embroidered on the lower edge of the front pocket.
  • Box pleated skirts in gray, which may not be worn more than two inches above the knee.
  • Belts must be worn with the pants.
  • Full black opaque tights are to be worn beneath the skirts at all times; socks are not to be worn over the black opaque tights. However, during the winter months, black leggings and black socks may be worn over the tights for warmth. This exception will only be granted from November 1st until April 1st of each school year (cool weather policy).
  • Practical walking shoes and sneakers are acceptable.
  • Matching socks are required at all times.
Belts/Ties/Uniform Shirts and Pants

Students are allowed to borrow a belt, shirt, tie or pants only if they report to the East Office/Room 25 prior to homeroom. No consequence will be issued for being out of uniform if a student reports prior to 8:00 a.m. Students who borrow any article of clothing are required to return what he/she has borrowed on the following day. Students who fail to return the article of clothing will be issued a detention for each day that passes without returning it.


The only outerwear permitted in the classroom are:

  • SAINTS Fleece
  • SAINTS Cardigan or pullover sweater
  • SAINTS polyester zip up jacket
  • SAINTS sports teams and club programs hooded sweatshirts or SAINTS hooded sweatshirts in purple and gold or black.
Dress Down Days

Students are required to dress with modesty during dress down days. Female students are prohibited from wearing yoga pants. Also, leggings should only be worn with a skirt of appropriate length (2 inches above the knees.) Students are also not allowed to wear the following:

Tank tops
Cutoff shirts
Shorts more than 2 inches above the knee
Ripped jeans
Tee shirts with inappropriate logos
Pajama bottoms
Ripped clothing – pants, shirts, skirts or jackets
Spaghetti strap dresses
Flip flops
Yoga Pants
Shirt dress
See-through or low-cut tops
Sagging pants – students must wear pants up to the waist.
T-shirt dresses

In addition, students must adhere to the warm/cold weather uniform guidelines during a dress down. For example, students should not come to school on a dress down day after November 1 wearing shorts.

All are strictly prohibited, and a student may ask to change into a uniform, borrow a belt or asked to call home and have a parent/guardian bring in appropriate attire.

Special Events

Saint Raphael Academy holds that different modes of dress are appropriate for different circumstances. Our young men are asked to wear a shirt and tie at school-related funerals, certain field trips and other occasions of a formal nature. Our young ladies are asked to wear appropriate skirts or dresses for such occasions.

Consequences for violating the dress code:
Student who do not follow the dress code will conference with the Vice Principal of Student Life.
1st violation = 1 Office detention
2nd violation = 2 Office detention
3rd violation = 3 Office detentions
4th violation = 1 day of In-School suspension and parents will be notified
5th violation = 2 days of In-School Suspension and parents will be notified 

The Vice Principal of Student Life is the final arbitrator in matters concerning dress code.