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Saints Will Withdraw from Sports Tournaments this Weekend

March 6, 2020
Saint Raphael Academy is releasing a statement regarding its participation in RIIL sporting events taking place this weekend:

We would like to announce that Saint Raphael Academy will voluntarily withdraw from the RIIL Division I girls basketball tournament game against Barrington High School, and the Division II quarter finals boys ice hockey games against South Kingstown (as part of the co-op team with Providence Country Day and Wheeler School), both scheduled for this weekend.

“This was an extremely difficult decision to make, and not one that we took lightly,” according to Dan Richard, principal. This week, the principal has had multiple discussions with RIIL officials and the other high schools in the tournaments before making the decision.

“Taking into consideration the student athletes and coaches involved was of paramount concern. We know how devastating this is to our athletes and coaches who have worked so hard to get to the playoffs,” said Mr. Richard. “We decided it was the best thing to do for all parties involved.”

“While fear is understandable, there has been a lack of understanding of the facts and spreading of misinformation regarding coronavirus. We want to reassure you that the majority of Saints students (all of those who are not under quarantine) do NOT pose a health risk and are not limited in any way in their activities. Only the 130 students currently on self-quarantine are confined to their homes. This has been confirmed repeatedly with the Department of Health,” said Mr. Richard.

By Friday, March 13, the self-quarantined SRA students will have completed time away from the community. Saints will participate in the RIIL cheer competition scheduled for Saturday, March 14, and in the state basketball tournament planned during the same time period.