If the Drama Club has learned anything over the last few years, it might be, if at first you don’t succeed … just wait a bit.

The troupe’s disappointment turned to elation, however, when they were told they would be stepping in to represent Rhode Island at the New England Drama Festival, after being chosen as an alternate at the Rhode Island festival last month.

Saints Drama will perform “Finding Corey Taylor” on Friday, April 19, at 7 pm. The annual festival, which rotates among the six New England states, will be held at Attleboro High School in Attleboro, Mass. this year. Two schools from each New England state are invited to perform a short play during the weekend.

Rhode to New Englands

Saints performed at the Coutu Theater in March and then traveled to Cranston High School West for the Rhode Island Drama Festival. At the end of the weekend, though, the judges chose St. Mary Academy – Bay View and Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (a charter school in Providence) to represent Rhode Island at the regional festival, with Saints as an alternate.

Weeks later, director Sara Costanzo received word that Bay View was unable to attend. Luckily, the Saints cast was prepared.

“They were psyched!” said Mrs. Costanzo. “It is so unusual for the alternate to go, and [for it to happen] two years in a row!”

As a matter of fact, the exact same situation occurred just a year ago, when Saints took their production of In the Forests of the Night on the road to Maine.

Cast member Sophia Patino, a junior from Pawtucket, was stunned. “I couldn’t believe we got this opportunity again, and I am excited to perform and share our work with many more. I couldn’t think of a cast and crew more deserving of this experience. We have all worked so hard and I’m so proud of everyone!” Sophia is very involved in the drama program and has performed in all the Saints productions over the last three years.

“When we found out, I immediately called my fellow castmates and we screamed together for a few minutes. This is my first one, so I’m really excited to have the chance to experience something fun and do what I love with some of the best people I know,” said Sadie Lallier, a senior from Pawtucket.

Recognition of Excellence

The Saint Raphael Academy Drama program is a decorated, 24-time winner of the Rhode Island Drama Festival. While the group did not win this year’s state festival, many individuals received awards.

Five All-State acting awards went to Sophia and Sadie, Calista Aguinaldo, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Jacob Towle. The stage crew received an All-State Excellence in Set & Props. Calista also received the Terry Murray Acting Award, and the Stanley Anderson Technical Award went to Valery Magana.

A One-Act with Substance

“Finding Corey Taylor” is a lighthearted drama about a girl named Corey on the day of her high school graduation as she realizes no one in her class knows her … and she doesn’t even know herself. So, Corey and her best friend set off on a road trip to find the Corey Taylors of America. For Corey, the journey to finding herself is both literal and metaphysical.

Sadie plays Corey Taylor. “As a fellow high school senior soon-to-be graduate, I frequently find myself questioning what I want to do in life and how I want to define myself. The journey that Corey goes on to discover who she is–yes, to everyone else, but more importantly to herself–is one that feels very familiar.,” she said.

Sophia plays Corey’s best friend and travel companion, Reese. “Reese’s unnecessary comments and unhinged remarks add comedy to the show and make people laugh. I have had the most fun playing her out of all my past roles,” said Sophia.

The public is invited to attend the New England Drama Festival, which runs April 18-20. Ticket packages can be purchased at the door.



Congratulations to Saints Award Winners!

All-State Acting

Sadie Lallier, Sophia Patino, Calista Aguinaldo, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Jacob Towle

All-State Excellence in Set & Props

Sophie DaSilva, Valery Magana, Ximena Magana, Sophia Teixeira, Selena Tu, Isabelle Vieira, Benson You

Terry Murray Acting Award

Calista Aguinaldo

Stanley Anderson Technical Award

Valery Magana



New England Drama Festival

WHERE: Attleboro High School , 1 Blue Pride Way, Attleboro, MA



Thursday, April 18 (1 block of shows: 7pm -9pm)

Friday, April 19 (3 blocks of shows: 10am – 12pm, 3pm – 5pm, and 7pm – 9pm)

Saturday, April 20 (1 block of shows: 10am – 12pm)


COST: Tickets are $10 per block, $15 per day, and 25 for the full festival.