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Re-Opening SRA Plan

June 22, 2020

Dear Members of the Saints Community:

Although summer is just beginning, Saint Raphael Academy (SRA) is already actively planning for the coming academic year. I would like to provide you with an overview of how we are preparing for the fall of 2020 and what will be important for all of us as we get ready to return to campus this fall. We are all filled with a mix of emotions and sentiments amid the pandemic, but since the beginning, the Saints community has worked together to continuously support one another and keep each
other safe. I wish to again thank you for how you have enabled the Academy to respond as we face the challenges and the uncertainty of this moment.

We face complex and challenging decisions that require the most careful planning and preparation. Our focus is on protecting the health and safety of each member of our community while pursuing our academic mission.

This has been a difficult time. Many of us are experiencing deep grief and pain for people we have lost and the way that our lives have been impacted as a result of this global pandemic. In addition, our country is grappling with the recent issues of equality, justice, racism and violence. As we move forward, let us work together toward peace, equity, and justice.

Please click the link for details of our beginning re-opening plan for fall 2020.