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Class Moderators

Freshmen: Ms. Heinrichs ( and Ms. Rizza (

Sophomores: Ms. T. Gallagher ( and Ms. Parentau (

Juniors:  Mr. Corain ( and Mr. Clifford (

Seniors: Mrs. Costanzo ( and Ms. Curylo (

Student Council: Ms. Paiva ( and Mrs. Nelson:(



Parents Association

The Parents Association is a group of parents and guardians who work with the Academy to provide support for fundraising events and activities, like the faculty Christmas luncheon and the Senior Breakfast. They meet once a month in the Multipurpose Room in Alumni Hall at 6:30 pm. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend.


Student Handbook (click for link to entire SRA handbook)

All students and families are expected to read and follow the policies in the school handbook. Please refer to the link above for details on specific policies.

Statewide Bullying Policy



Call 401-723-8100 and ask for extension 145, which is the attendance line.

Attention: All consequences listed for specific violations are used as a guide for the school’s administration. The school’s administration reserves the right to adjust the consequence according to the severity of the violation. The school administration is sole arbitrator in determining the severity of an offense/violation.


Self-development, self-expression and self-discipline are major themes expressed in the Lasallian philosophy of education. The philosophy of discipline is, therefore, based on the same principles. It is realized that young men and women need direction in the process of self-growth and that errors along the way must be called to their attention.

Every student has the responsibility to respect one another’s person, space and opinion. All students should have the privilege to further their education in a peaceful, secure atmosphere. The attainment of this goal requires the full cooperation of the administration, the faculty, the student body and the parents.

All students are expected to adhere to the school code of conduct, policies and regulations. A student can be referred to a discipline board regarding expulsion from Saint Raphael Academy for a single infraction the administration deems egregious or a combination of infractions. The school’s administration is the sole arbitrator in determining the egregiousness of an offense.



Students at Saint Raphael Academy are expected to dress appropriately at all times on campus before, during, and after school.

All students are expected to be in uniform while on campus between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., with the exception of athletes engaged in after-school practice sessions. Those who do not have an assigned class during the last period of the day must remain in uniform while on campus.