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Midterm Exams (virtual)

Semester 1 exams will be held January 12-15 according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, January 12 Periods A and B
Wednesday, January 13 Periods C and D
Thursday, January 14 Periods E and F
Friday, January 15 Period G and Make-up Exams


  • Students will sign on virtually to exams via format selected by teacher, i.e. TEAMS
  • Attendance will be taken for EACH exam.
  • The first exam of the day will begin at 8AM and end officially at 10AM. You may not leave the exam until your teacher dismisses you.
  • Students will have at least a 15-minute break between exams.
  • The second exam will begin at 10:15AM and end officially at 12:15PM.
  • Students MUST BE dressed according to dress code guidelines for virtual learning.
  • If students are later than 15 minutes to their exam, they must take the exam during the Make-up session on Friday at 10:00AM. According to student handbook, “No student will be allowed late entry into an exam without a pass from the office. A student who arrives late to an exam for an unexcused reason may receive a grade deduction on the exam. The deduction will be determined by the Vice Principal of Academics.”
  • Students who miss semester exams must present a doctor’s note to the Vice Principal of Academics indicating that serious illness was the reason for the absence from the exam. Unless a doctor’s note is submitted, the student may receive a zero for exam grade.