Going to high school in another country can be a daunting experience, but the adventure that awaits is most rewarding! The dozens of international students who attend Saint Raphael Academy every year deepen our student body’s learning and understanding of different cultures and provides a way for our international students to become fully involved in American life.   

The Academy opened our campus to international students in 2010, and our program has steadily grown each year. We have welcomed students from countries in Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa into our community. While many of these students stay and graduate from Saints and continue their studies in the U.S., others come for a semester or a year. All are welcome! 

International students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the culture and activities of the school. Many become involved in sports programs, cultural clubs, and school activities. 

Our students live with host families, many with families whose children are also students at the Academy. The hosting program has fostered lifelong friendships for many students, and their families stay in touch—often visiting each other’s counties multiple times over the years. 

This program has enhanced the natural diversity of our student population and enriched all members of the community. It has proven to be a fantastic educational opportunity for all to learn about the variety of cultures in the world. 

Contact Ms. Linda P. Michalczyk, International Student Coordinator, at admissions@saintrays.org with any inquiries or questions about the program.