Saint Raphael Academy Welcome to the Saints family. Welcome home.

Back To School 2020-2021

August 2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Greetings! I hope you and your family have enjoyed a very different type of summer vacation this year. I know for me personally; I have taken some time to be with my family members and enjoy the fellowship of a small group of good friends. Unbelievably, the school year will be starting soon. I know I speak for everyone within the Saints community when I say, “we are all looking forward to seeing our students physically on our campus!”

Despite it being summer, this June-August has been extremely busy simultaneously running committees to improve our virtual instruction and to plan how we will reopen the Academy in the fall. These weekly meetings were comprehensive and extensive as we looked at all possible options and sought solutions to a myriad of issues. There were also modifications made to the Academy grounds and buildings. For example, the full-time SRA nurse will now operate out of the White Building instead of the East Building. Additionally, all “water bubblers” have been turned off, but students can fill their water containers using the hydration stations. This is highly encouraged!

Throughout the school day, students will only have one entry and one exit route to both the East and West Buildings; more information to follow. The bottom line is that we are implementing new COVID-19 virus procedures and protocols throughout the day that I will need all of the students and families to follow to ensure the safety of ALL within the Saints family.

Once again, we will be welcoming an amazing student body this fall. I know the Class of 2021 will set an exemplary model and be the academic and spiritual school leaders at our Academy. The Class of 2022 is ready to enter a critical year, as junior year performance is closely examined by colleges. The Class of 2023 is certainly looking forward to no longer being the youngest on campus. In addition to all of these returning students, we eagerly look forward to welcoming the Class of 2024 and a wonderful group of transfer students to the campus for the first time. The Class of 2024 is already destined to be a very special class; when they graduate, they will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Saint Raphael Academy!

Our faculty and staff have been taking the summer months to re-charge their batteries and to say farewell to the Class of 2020. We celebrated the recent graduates at a beautiful graduation prayer service earlier this month at the cathedral. Many of our faculty members spent time with their family and friends during the past few months, but they will all be ready to welcome everyone back to campus in September. In addition to welcoming new students, we will also be welcoming some new teachers and staff. I am thrilled with everyone who is joining the Saints community! I know the SRA faculty and staff are ready for a great year; so please arrive at the Academy prepared to make the 2020-2021 academic year something very special.

In Peace,

Daniel Richard

P.S. Please read the important documents below and fill out and return the necessary paperwork prior to August 31, 2020. Please also be mindful of your summer reading and ensure you have completed all assignments prior to the start of school.