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Welcome from the Athletic Director

The mission of the athletic department at Saint Raphael Academy is to promote the physical, intellectual, and moral development of our students. Through athletic participation, our student-athletes learn the fundamentals of their sport and the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. With teams in interscholastic league sports and intramural programs, there is a place for everyone in Saints athletics.

What truly sets Saint Raphael Academy’s athletic programs apart is its people — coaches who teach and students who share their coaches’ and teammates’ enthusiasm. While Saint Raphael Academy continues to commit itself to accomplishments in sports, which are a rich part of our tradition, we choose to do so in a way that complements the pursuit of academic excellence.


Ms. Erika Paiva '00
Director of Athletics
Phone: 401-723-8100, extension 138



Students who participate in sports are positive role models within our school and the community at large. Athletic competition builds character, shapes lifetime attitudes and also provides additional educational leadership benefits that come from participation in sports.

Integrity, fairness and respect are inherent principals of good sportsmanship. With them, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations and graceful acceptance of the results.

As an athlete at Saint Raphael Academy, your sportsmanship goals should include:

  • Developing a sense of dignity under all circumstances;
  • Respecting the rules of the games, the officials who administer the rules and their decisions;
  • Respecting opponents as fellow students and acknowledging them for striving to do their best while you seek your best at the same time;
  • Refraining from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior;
  • Looking at athletic participation as a potentially beneficial learning experience, whether you win or lose;
  • Educating other students and fans to understand the rules of the game and the value of sportsmanship. 

You’re the spokesperson for our school when you represent us in an athletic competition. Your actions are viewed by family and friends, opposing fans, the local community and the media. Your display of good sportsmanship will show the most positive things about you and our school and hopefully, remind us all that, in the end, sports are meant to be fun.


General Conduct

Players must adhere to all rules and regulations detailed in the Saint Raphael Academy’s Code of Conduct.

Players are expected to attend school on a regular basis and be a successful student. Players will follow the guidelines as stated in the Saint Raphael Academy Handbook; there is zero tolerance for disrespect toward teachers or peers. Any disciplinary actions taken at school will also be reinforced on the team.

Players will be expected to maintain a level of sportsmanship both on and off the field. This includes any discussion with players from other teams. Be humble to players, coaches or anyone from the press. Always talk about the team and stay away from topics that specify individuals. You are expected to play and act as a team.

Foul language at any time will not be tolerated.

Summer Conditioning Workouts

Summer workouts under the supervision of a coach/adult designee may begin on June 15. There must be an adult present at all sessions. No adult supervision, no workouts. The workout sessions are not mandatory and will end when pre-season practice officially begins.

Athletic Uniform Policy

Upon the completion of a sports season, an athlete has three calendar days to return all uniforms and equipment to their coach or the Athletic Director. If the athlete does not comply, they will be sent to the Vice Principal for Student Life. The Vice Principal for Student Life will issue a final date for the uniform to be returned or the monetary value of the uniform paid if lost. If the athlete does not report to the Vice Principal with the uniform on the date given, a suspension will be issued.



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