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Virtual Learning


Virtual learning at Saint Raphael Academy is a vibrant and rigorous part of our blended learning curriculum. When the governor closed schools in response to COVID-19, we were immediately prepared to continue standard curriculum virtually for an extended period of time.
The Academy instituted a 1:1 program five years ago with training and professional development for all faculty, then (beginning in 2016) provided all students with laptops for use during the school year. Since then, they have become a staple in the classroom. Two years ago, “virtual days” began as a way to continue student learning during professional days and snow days. The professional development for teaching and learning strategies to incorporate into the curriculum is ongoing, as new technologies and methods develop.
Our students remain engaged, and teachers make themselves available virtually for extra help. Support is always available to those who need it through individual faculty and the Vice Principal of Academics.
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Social Studies

Students in World Cultures had to demonstrate History through Talent -- their talent. The STEAM assignment was to take a favorite specific topic in world history that they studied this year and do one of the following: write a short song or poem, create a hand-drawn comic strip of the event with captions or speech bubbles, paint a picture depicting the event, or create a newspaper page with headline of the event.







Fine Arts

Students studied the work of African artist Cyrus Kabiru, who makes eyewear out of discarded electronics bits and pieces and other recycled materials. Students had to create a wearable eye piece out of materials they found at home.
View galleries of Art Studio and Foundations of Art, which include figure drawing, photography, silhouette, still life, organic shapes and contrast.


Foreign Language

Physical Education