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Mission Statement


Saint Raphael Academy is a diocesan, Catholic, college preparatory high school founded in the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Academy provides a comprehensive secondary education to young men and women from diverse backgrounds and prepares each student for a life dedicated to learning, leadership and service. 

BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS--District of Eastern North America

A Statement of Mission

The mission of the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the District of Eastern North America is to give a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, according to the ministry which the Church has entrusted to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

As consecrated laymen in the Roman Catholic Church, the Brothers seek to touch the lives of the young and their families in ways that remind all of the loving presence of God. The faith and zeal of their personal and communal lives empower the Brothers to be authentic witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As professional educators, the Brothers minister in the setting of Catholic schools and through other agencies that address the educational needs of youth and their families. The Brothers are the heart and memory of an evolving tradition of service imbued with the charism of John Baptist De La Salle. They share his mission with a variety of people who embrace a Christian vision within the Lasallian heritage and who, together and by association, contribute to its development.