Saint Raphael Academy Welcome to the Saints family. Welcome home.

Faculty and Staff

Main number: 401-723-8100

Fax, Administration Building: 401-723-8740 (Offices: Admissions, Advancement, Alumni, Business, Principal)

Fax, West Building : 401-495-8747 (Offices: VP of Academics, Math, Science, Fine Arts)

Fax, East Building : 401-495-8749 (Offices: VP of Student Life, School Nurse, English, Theology, Social Studies, Modern Languages, Pastoral Services)


Mr. Daniel Richard, Principal
Ext. 113

Mrs. Judy Baxter, Vice Principal for Academics
Ext. 126

Mr. Marc Thibault, Vice Principal for Student Life
Ext. 114

Administrative Assistants

Mrs. Kerri-lyn Colavita, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal for Academics
Ext. 110

Mrs. Amy Garces ’94, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal for Student Life
Ext. 148

Admissions Office

Mrs. Jennifer Luiz, Director of Admissions
Ext. 134



Advancement Office

Mrs. Mary Alexandre, Advancement Director
Ext. 120

Mrs. Maureen Hurley ’83, Advancement Assistant Director
Ext. 139

Mrs. Aimee Tortolano ’94, Alumni Coordinator
Ext. 155


Business Office

Mr. Richard Cipolla, Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 111

Mrs. Judy Costa, Bookkeeper
Ext. 112

Mrs. Suzanne DePalo, Assistant Bookkeeper
Ext. 144

Communication Office

Mrs. Nancy Cifune, Communication Director
Ext. 146

Athletics Department

Ms. Erika Paiva '00, Athletics Director
Ext. 138


Mr. Kevin Newton, Director
Ext. 131

Mr. Nelson Martins, Assistant Director 


Information Technology Office

Mr. Brian Taveira, Director
Ext. 125

Mr. Bruce Glazer, Assistant Director
Ext. 137

School Nurse’s Office

Ms. Katherine Freeborn '87, RN
Ext. 141


English Department

Mrs. Morgan Gallagher, Chair
Ext. 184

Mr. Terrence Murray
Ext. 160

Ms. Rebecca Nelson
Ext. 183

Mr. Jacob Norberg
Ext. 170

Ms. Emily Rizza
Ext. 192


Fine Arts Department

Mrs. Barbara Larned, Visual Arts, Chair
Ext. 193

Mr. Timothy Boisvert, Music/Chorus
Ext. 176

Guidance Department

Mrs. Malaina Murphy ’85, LICSW, Director
Ext. 147

Mrs. Ernestina (Tina) Ball, Administrative Assistant to Guidance
Ext. 122

Sr. Regina Brennan, R.S.M., Counselor
Ext. 119

Ms Ariana Barbosa, Benilde Program Director

Ms. Rhiannon Palmieri, Counselor

Mrs. Leslie Walbridge, Counselor
Ext. 123


International Student Program

Ms. Linda P. Michalczyk, International Student Coordinator
Ext. 118

Mathematics Department

Mr. Michael Sassi, ’86, Chair
Ext. 188
Ms. Anissa Amarillas

Mr. James Moran
Ext. 178

Ms. Amanda Parenteau
Ext. 178

Mrs. Debra Provencal
Ext. 165


Foreign Language Department

Mrs. Kristen Murphy ’02, Chair
Ext. 197

Ms. Anna Daley
Ext. 198

Ms. Aniece Germain

Mr. Jose Diego Tarrazo Ext.


Campus Ministry Office

Mr. Stephen Vargas, Director
Ext. 129

Rev. Ryan Simas, Chaplain
Ext. 154

Physical Education Department

Ms. Erika Paiva ’00
Ext. 138

Mr. Jonathan Pereira
Ext. 153


Theology Department

Mrs. Heather Gaffney-Hsu, Chair
Ext. 167

Mr. Daniel Fealy

Ms. Theresa Gallagher
Ext. 159

Ms. Viola Lohsen

Sr. Lisa Palazio


Science Department

Mrs. Sara Costanzo, Chair
Ext. 182

Mr. Alexander Clifford

Ms. Emily Curylo

Ms. Emily Spinello

Ms. Tess Heinrichs


Social Studies Department

Mr. Kenneth Kirejczyk, Chair
Ext. 171

Mr. Scott Corain ’08
Ext. 185

Mr. John Donegan

Ms. Diana Doorley

Ms. Tess Heinrichs

Ms. Emily Rizza
Ext. 192

School Store

Ms. Mary Jane Ferland ’85 (Purple and Gold Zone)
Ext. 130

Ms. Kerri Colavita (textbooks)
Ext. 110