Saint Raphael Academy Welcome to the Saints family. Welcome home.

A Statement from the Principal

June 3, 2020

Dear Saints,

It is with a heavy heart I must re-emphasize the obvious - we denounce and reject all types of racism and hatred! Our Academy espouses and promotes an environment where all people are treated with dignity and respect. The core of the mission statement at Saint Raphael Academy is the following, "The Academy provides a comprehensive secondary education to young men and women from diverse backgrounds and prepares each student for a life dedicated to learning, leadership and service." We will continue to build a more inclusive Academy where all of us can listen, learn and act with dignity and compassion. Today we should all stand together to promote justice and embrace a culture of respect for all people.

In Peace,

Dan Richard


In addition, as Lasallians, we are invited to join the new Racial Justice Coalition hosted by the District of Eastern North America Christian Brothers.


A Message from Brother Dennis Lee, FSC, Brother Visitor of DENA

June 2, 2020

Dear Lasallians,
As we have celebrated Pentecost Sunday, we continue to invoke the Holy Spirit to fall afresh upon all of us in our one world.

Last Tuesday, we viewed the most painful (literally) breath-taking video of our lives. Six years ago, Eric Garner’s words, “I can’t breathe” were once again unheeded, this time as pleaded by George Floyd.

Since March, we have been hoping that, despite the sufferings of this COVID moment, somehow, our post-COVID world will be a better one, in education and in all dimensions of life. Meanwhile, racism has been with us for centuries but we have the capability of working together to ensure that it not persist beyond this decade! As we often hear, “Enough is enough.” I am sure that you join me in denouncing the breath-taking action of four police officers last week. I hope that you are as blessed as I am to know many incredible Lasallians (and others) who serve the public as courageous police persons. I trust that we all realize that eradicating racism and promoting justice will take constant effort on the part of all of us.

Counting students, parents, alums, staff, faculty, administration, Board members, donors and well-wishers, we have tens of thousands of Lasallians in DENA.

Today we invite each of you to participate in our newly established Racial Justice Coalition to guide our District in thought and action. If you want to join virtual arms with other DENA-ites in real sharing and planning, please visit the DENA website and use the online form to sign up for the Racial Justice Coalition.

Some thirty years ago, I was on the faculty of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. On retreats, in Religion class and in personal conversations, students (especially the young black men) spoke of the harassment, scrutiny, threat, and (thus) fear they lived with. It was heart-breaking then. It still is. Enough is enough! With our shared passion and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we believe that we will, in fact, make our world better for the long haul.

Please join us.

Brother Dennis Lee, FSC