School choice has been a much talked-about topic nationally.  Now, thanks to the Rhode Island Catholic Parents Federation, along with Rhode Island Families for School Choice, and Representatives Elaine Coderre and Arthur Corvese; House Bill 6131 for a Parent Choice Scholarship Program has been introduced to the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

Simply, and at its core, School Choice ensures that funding traditionally earmarked to educate a child at his or her local public school can instead be used at an alternative school chosen by the child’s parents. This can be a public school in another district, a charter school, a private school, a Catholic school, etc.

The impact that passage of this bill would have upon Saint Raphael Academy and our Catholic schools is tremendous. Year after year, SRA is confronted with families who cannot afford to pay twice for education: once in the form of municipal taxes, and then again in the additional cost of non-public school tuition.

How can you help?

  • On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, at 4 p.m., engaged parents and students will assemble in the Rotunda of the Rhode Island State House to offer visible support of this bill and to deliver compelling testimony on H-6131 before the House Committee on Finance. In fact, we have been told that one of Saint Raphael Academy’s own will be offering her testimony in support of the bill.
  • Contact your state representative now! You can find your representative and his or her contact information here. Urge him or her to support this very important bill. If you are a registered voter, please be sure to remind your representative of that. If you are not registered to vote, please take the time to register so that your voice can have even more of an impact.
  • To read the full text of the bill, please visit:
  • For more information about Rhode Island Families for Choice, please visit:
  • Please like Rhode Island Families for School Choice on Facebook:
  • Also, the Friedman Foundation’s website is a great resource:




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