How You Can Help

Each generation of students at Saint Raphael Academy has depended on the generosity and stewardship of those who have gone before them.   There are several ways that you can participate in that proud legacy of giving:

  • The Annual Fund
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Capital Gifts
  • Program Endowment Fund
  • General Endowment Fund
  • Events Sponsorship
  • Bequests & Annuities
  • Memorial Gifts
  • Honorary Gifts

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    Annual Fund

    Gifts to our Annual Fund help make up the difference between the actual cost to educate each student and the amount we charge for tuition.  At present, that difference is approximately $3,000 per student annually. To give, please click on the Make a Donation icon and type “Annual Fund” in the “purpose” field..

    Scholarship Endowment Funds

    Nearly three-quarters of our students receive financial aid.  You can make a dramatic difference in the life of a young person by establishing an endowed scholarship or contributing to one that already exists.  Call 723-8100, x120 if you wish to establish a scholarship fundClick here to view existing scholarship funds.

    Capital Gifts

    The capital requirements of running a high school are extensive. Pledges are still being paid to our 2005 Capital Campaign to help renovate our Fine Arts Center in the old Lynch Gymnasium. To give, please click on the Make a Donation icon and type “Capital Campaign” in the “purpose” field. 

    Program Endowment Funds

    If you’d like to ensure the long-term vitality of a particular program of study or extra-curricular activity, you may wish to create an endowed Program Fund.  For example, the fund established in memory of Stephen Azevedo ’86 supports “The Stephen Azevedo Music Workshop Series.” Call 723-8100, x120 if you wish to establish a program endowment fund.

    General Endowment Funds

    Saint Raphael Academy maintains a general endowment fund to help support our operating budget and to cover unanticipated expenses.  To give, please click on the Make a Donation icon and type “General Endowment” in the “purpose” field.

    Event Sponsorship

    Underwriting special events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, the Fine Arts Gala or the Senior Awards Banquet serves to defray the Academy’s expenses to produce these events.  Your contributions are fully tax-deductible.  Call 723-8100, x120 if you wish to become an event sponsor

    Bequests & Annuities

    There are several planned giving vehicles that allow you to be as generous as you’d like, while protecting your assets for current and future generations.  Call 723-8100, x120 for more information.

    Memorial Gifts

    During a bereavement period, friends and family members may wish to honor the deceased with a gift to SRA.  The following message may be an appropriate insertion in the obituary:  “Memorial gifts may be made to Saint Raphael Academy, 123 Walcott Street, Pawtucket, RI  02860-3256.

    Honorary Gifts

    Special occasions or accomplishments can be recognized with an honorary gift to SRA, or the purchase of a commemorative brick in our De La Salle Brick Walkway.  Call 723-8100, x120 for information.

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