You might have seen Ishmael Asante or Kevin Garcia around campus selling the Two Degrees food bars…or you may have seen them at basketball games…Catholic Athletic League events…SRA students events…just about anywhere.  This dynamic entrepreneurial and socially minded duo are out to educate the SAINTS family about global hunger and help put an end to it as well.


 About Two Degrees and Saint Raphael Academy

 The partnership between Two Degrees Food and Saint Raphael Academy began when Ishmael Asante (junior) and Kevin Garcia (sophomore) joined the Two Degrees Campus Director Program, which allowed them to launch and manage a small social venture at their high school. Saint Raphael Academy is the third high school (along with 70 colleges) in the country to participate–and the first Catholic Lasallian high school to ever support a “one-for-one” mission. Two Degrees Food bars are currently sold on campus, and for every bar sold, Two Degrees donates a meal to a hungry child in a developing country (so far they have donated over 250k bars to children in Malawi, Kenya, Somalia, Haiti, and India). Ishmael and Kevin sell Two Degrees bars on campus during school hours, as well as after school during sporting events. Sales can also be accredited to Saint Raphael through purchases on the partnership website . The entrepreneurial, and socially minded duo hope to generate enough profit from their sales to build a number of latrines in the Dominican Republic through the Peace Corporation.

About Two Degrees Food

 Two Degrees Food™ is a one-for-one food company that feeds a hungry child with every product sold. By combining delicious, healthy nutrition bars with a commitment to giving a medically-formulated nutrition pack or nutrient dense meal to a hungry child for every bar purchased, Two Degrees Food’s products embrace the concept Is Good. Does Good.™ Two Degrees Food has partnered with Valid Nutrition and Partners In Health among other global organizations, each of which brings deep, local expertise in formulation, manufacturing and distribution to treat severe acute malnutrition in children. For more information about Two Degrees Food, visit

 For more information about Saint Raphael’s partnership, please contact:

Ishmael Asante.

Press inquiries:

Marlene Saritzky, Two Degrees Food



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