The annual underclassmen Honors Night recognized students who performed exceptionally well in their studies this year. Awards were given by each department, and students were also inducted into the French Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, the Rhode Island Honor Society, and the National Honor Society. Principal Dan Richard made the official announcement of the top students of the Class of 2015: the valedictorian is Auston Gillis and salutatorian is Vanessa Dos Anjos.

Congratulations to all students on their achievements!


English Department Awards

Grade 9: Antoine Reverdes, Emmanuel Akinbo, and Oluwatoyin Okele

Grade 10: Xavian Johnson, Arabella Disanto, and Emily Craig

Grade 11: Cheyanne DosSantos, Klara Szilagyi, and Alyssa Fletcher


Theology Department Awards

Grade 9: The Hippo Award, named after St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, North Africa:

Oluwatoyin Okele and Grace Gomes

Grade 10: The Saint John Paul II Excellence in Communication Award:

Emily Craig and Gabrielle Dacunha

Grade 11: The Moral Compass Award

Justin Jackson and Randy Agudelo


Social Studies Department Awards

Intro to Western Civilization:

Oluwatoyin Okele, Brady Thibault and Jenny Sullivan

Western Civilization:

Roberto Delarosa, Arabella DiSanto and Emily Craig

U.S. History EEP:

Justin Jackson and Christopher Machado


Science Department Awards

Excellence in Physics:

Grace Song and Kate Zhou

Excellence in Chemistry:

Damian Vasquez, Tiana Martinez, Arabella Di Santo and Kevin Liang

Excellence in Biology:

Oluwatoyin Okele, Matthew Carvalho, Angie Medina and Randy Agudelo


Mathematics Department Awards


Isaiah Barrientos, Olivia Provost-Pelletier, Dayan Hernandez, Alyson Tavares, Xavian Johnson


Oluwatoyin Okele and Jefferson Pun

Algebra II:

Christian Yepes, Kaitlin Laplante and Marisol Durango


Jiaqi (Jacky) Yang, Justin Jackson and Jiahao (Lee) Li


Physical Education Department Awards

Grade 9: Kaylee Contreras and Eric Ruiz

Grade 10: Haley Howarth and Roberto Delarosa

Grade 11: Sara Taborda and Dylan Boisclair


Foreign Language Department Awards


Jonathan Alegria, Grace Senra, Justin Jackson, Christopher Machado, Rebecca Amaral, Belle DiSanto, Lara Hajou, Janai Abis, Grace Gomes, Kate Zhou, Alexis Youn and Esther Fagbote

Jarret Knox and Camila Nava received awards of Honoraria in the National Spanish Exam Level 4, and Vanessa Dos Anjos achieved the highest score for our State chapter in Level 5 Spanish and won a cash award.


Randy Agudelo, Brianna O’Rourke, Emily Craig, Daniela Yepes, Oluwatoyin Okele and Kate Morales


Pastoral Services Department Awards

Outstanding Leadership in the Lasallian Youth Program:

Grade 11: Marisol Durango, Alyssa Fletcher and Sara Taborda

Grade 10: David Coderre, Julia Hurley, Kaleigh Poirier and Sierra Toro


Leadership, Dedication and Service:

Randy Argudelo, Dylan Brobisky, Brittany Giroux, Tommy Huynh, Katherine Milson, Sydney Roberts, Grace Senra, Christian Yepes

Significant Participation and Services:

Justin Jackson, Taylor Masse, Lauren Rampenthal, Klara Sziliagyi and Joseph Tumidajski


Dedication in Pastoral Services and Lasallian Youth:

Grade 10: Pamela Bedoya, Christopher Bielawski, John Coderre, Gabrielle Da Cunha, Emily Darling, Jessica De Melo, Michael D’Ordine, Jenny Espinal, Katherine Lynch, Vanessa Mansi, Emma Mendes, Kimberly Rodas, Victoria Wec and Daniela Yepes

Grade 9: Lexie Bolano, Micayla Bourski, Kaylee Contreras, Ruby Costello, Grace Gomes, Bridget Malloy, Eric Martineau, Yanyan “Molly” Mo and Luz Elena Padilla


French Honor Society

Grade 11: Randy Agudelo, M’mama Toure, Sara Taborda, Christian Yepes

Grade 12: Zoe Bai


Spanish Honor Society

Anthony Bateman, Raquel Brissette, Patrick Bullen, Cara Mia Costa, Michael D’Ordine, Cheyanne Dos Santos, Alyssa Fletcher, Haley Howarth, Julia Hurley, Catalina Jimenez, Kaitlin LaPlante, Emma Mendes, Alexandra Sargo, Lauren Taylor, Dylan Boisclair, Alicia Drape, Tommy Huynh, Justin Jackson, Josh Johnson, Anna Morais, Nicholas Nefedov, Brandon Olobri, Sydney Roberts, Joseph Tumidajski and Nataly Neves


Rhode Island Honor Society

Francesca Almonte, Joshua Alves, Daniel Arteaga, Zoe Bai, Lauren Bartels, Emily Benoit, Julian Borges, Sarah Cavaleri, Emerald Clarke, Kayla Colson, Joshua Conte, Katelyn Coyle, Briana Dewornu, Alfred Dorbor, Vanessa Dos Anjos, Kelton Dos Santos, Maureen Doyle, Sarah Duffin, Nathan Duffy, Hayley Dunne, Santiago Durango, Jenna Ethier, Michael Anthony Ferreira, Brittany Fontaine, Auston Gillis, Julissa Godin, Danyel Gonzalez, Ryan Goyette, Vicky Hu, Mackenzie Hughes, Jarrett Knox, Alexander Kuras, Zhengliang Lan, Myles Lefebvre, Minghao (Andy) Li, Ryan McKenna, Ethan Mendes, Soleil Mendes-Dagraca, Mary Beth Mennucci, Michael Melo, Michael Mitchell, Camila Nava, Erin O’Neill, Natasha Perez, Leighlin Peters, Alan Piwonski, Benjamin Roy, Jacob Roy, Matthew Sabatini, Jenny Shang, Oluwaseun Shittu, Sean Sutherland, Taylor Stewart, Kaylee Sylvestre, Alexis Vieira, Adrianna Wloch, Samuel Zalk and Alex Zhu.


National Honor Society

Grade 11: Randy Agudelo, Dylan Boisclair, CaraMia Costa, Cheyanne Dos Santos, Alicia Drape, Alyssa Fletcher, Tommy Huynh, Justin Jackson, Deqi Liu, David Meikle, Haley Mitsmenn, Anna Morais, Grace Senra, Klara Szilagyi, Sara Taborda, Lauren Taylor, Joseph Tumidajski, Jiaqi (Jacky) Yang, Christian Yepes and Shijie (Kate) Zhou.

Grade 12: Joshua Alves, Ruiyi (Zoe) Bai, Emily Benoit, Sarah Cavaleri, Briana Dewornu, Zhengliang Lan, Matthew Sabatini and Samuel Zalk


2015 Book Awards

College book awards are presented to outstanding juniors to recognize their achievements.  They are usually sponsored by the individual college’s alumni group to reward scholarship and to promote the college’s name.

The Guidance Department is presenting these book awards to the following outstanding juniors, on behalf of the colleges and organizations that are recognizing the outstanding members of the Class of 2016.

Brown University Book Award, sponsored by Saints and Brown alum, Robert Oakley, MD

Grace Senra

The Bryant Book Award

Caramia Costa

Clarkson University Leadership and Achievement Awards and Scholarships

The Leadership Award – Cheyanne Dos Santos

Achievement Award – Jiaqi Yang

College of the Holy Cross Book Award, sponsored by Saints former Admissions Director, Shawn McKay and his fiancé, Dr. Tracy Espiritu, both graduates of Holy Cross

Randy Agudelo

Harvard Book Prize

Justin Jackson

Regis College Book Award

Alicia Drape

Rensselaer Medal and Scholarship

Joseph Tumidajski

Sage Colleges Scholarship

Dylan Boisclair and Haley Mitsmenn

Saint Anselm College Book Award

David Meikle II

Saint Michael’s College Book Award

Alyssa Fletcher and Christian Yepes

Salve Regina University Book Award, sponsored by Rita Pratt

Sara Taborda

Society of Women Engineers Award

Randy Agudelo and Shijie Kate Zhou

Springfield College Book Award and Scholarship

Brandon Olobri

University Of Rhode Island Book Award

Tommy Huynh

University of Virginia Book Award, sponsored by the University’s Alumni Club of Providence

Klara Szilagyi

U.S. Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete Award

Justin Jackson and Grace Senra

Wheeling Jesuit University Book Award and Scholarship, sponsored by the Burgoyne Family

Christopher Machado

General Treasurer Seth Magaziner Young Leader Award

Shijie (Kate) Zhou








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