Final exams for seniors will take place from June 3-8, 2016, and underclassmen final exams will be June 10-15, 2016.

  • Students will report ONLY for their exams. There will be no Homeroom period.
  • The first exam of the day will begin at 8AM and end at 10:00. Senior exams will be from 8:15 – 10:15.
  • Students will have a 15-minute break between exams.
  • The second exam will begin at 10:15 and end at 12:15. Senior exams will be from 10:30 – 12:30.
  • Students MUST BE dressed according to dress code guidelines. Seniors are exempt from wearing uniforms but still must be dressed appropriately.
  • Exam will be held in the classroom where the course normally meets, unless otherwise noted.
  • Students MUST remain in classroom until exam period is over. Students may bring something to read/study in case they finish early.

Students late for exams must report to Mrs. Calderone in West and Ms. Lambert in East. No student will be admitted late to an exam without a pass. If students are later than 15 minutes, they must take the exam during the make-up session on the final period of the exam week at 10:15.


Semester 2 Exams Schedule – Seniors

Friday, June 3                               Exam 1: English 12 Honors/ACP (Room 33)/ ACP (Room 35)

Exam 2: Digital Art and Design (Room 104)

Monday, June 6                            Exam 1: Pre-Calculus Honors/ACP (Room 35)

Algebra II/Discreet Math (Room 33)

Exam 2: Drawing and Painting 2 (Room 101)

Tuesday, June 7                            Exam 1: Theology (Room 33 and 35)

Exam 2: Physics Honors/EEP/ ACP (Room ELC)

20th Century U.S. History (Room 35)/ American Government (Room 35)

Psychology 2 (Room 12)

Wednesday, June 8                     Exam 1: Spanish II, III, VI – Honors/ACP (Room 35)

Exam 2: Make-up exam period



Semester 2 Exams Schedule – Underclassmen

Friday, June 1o                    Exam 1: Period G

Exam 2: Period F

Monday, June 13                Exam 1: Periods E

Exam 2: Period D

Tuesday, June 14                Exam 1: Period C

Exam 2: Period B

Wednesday, June 15          Exam 1:  Period A

Exam 2: Make-up Exam Period


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