Let the games begin! It’s time for SAINTS Olympics 2013!

Throughout this week-long competition of the classes, each class will be participating in different events and competitions to see which class will collect the most amount of points and go home with gold at the end of the week. Our Student Council and Office of Student Life has put together a great program of events for the week and this page is the place for all SAINTS Olympics 2013 news:

  • Olympic Point Count
  • Olympic Dress Down Days
  • Olympic Daily Charity Challenges
  • Olympic Dodgeball Assembly
  • Olympic Games Night

Olympic Point Count
The point count (excluding Friday’s Penny Drive totals) going into tonight’s Olympic Games Night:
1st Place – Class of 2013 (Seniors) with 5492 points
2nd Place – Class of 2016 (Freshmen) with 2810 points
3rd Place – Class of 2015 (Sophomores) with 2083 points.
4th Place – Class of 2014 (Juniors) with 1943 points
Olympic Dress Down Days
During each day of the SAINTS Olympics week we have a dress down day. Each day is a different theme and classes will be awarded points based on participation.
  • Monday, March 4, 2013 – Blue Jeans for Babies Day
    This is a dress down day where students are asked to wear blue jeans for a fee of $2 to benefit the March of Dimes. (Points will not be counted on this day.)
  • Tuesday, March 5, 2013 – Purple & Gold Day
    This is a dress down day where students are asked to wear as much purple and gold clothing and accessories as possible. (The school uniform does not count toward the daily class total.)
  • Wednesday, March 6, 2013 – Theme Day
    This is a dress down day where each class is to dress in a different theme as follows:
    -Class of 2016 – Culture Day – Dress in clothing that matches your culture or nationality
    -Class of 2015 – Cowboys & Aliens – Dress as either a cowboy or alien

    -Class of 2014 – Wacky Wednesday Mix & Match – Wear as much mix and match as possible
    -Class of 2013 –
    Character Day – Dress in your favorite character
    -Faculty & Staff: Choose a class to support
  • Thursday, March 7, 2013 – Neon Day
    This is a dress down day where students are asked to dress from head-to-toe in items that are neon.
    Faculty & Staff: Proceed at your own risk
  • Friday, March 8, 2013 – Class Colors Day
    This is a dress down day where each class is to dress in a particular color, as follows:
    -Class of 2016 – Green
    -Class of 2015 – Red

    -Class of 2014 – Black
    -Class of 2013 –
    -Faculty & Staff: Choose a class to support

Olympic Daily Charity Challenges

Throughout the week, each class will be competing for points based on charitable giving. The class with the most amount of items donated on each day will be awarded the most amount of points!

  • Peanut Butter Challenge to benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank
    Students are asked to bring in jars of peanut butter through out the week and they will be collected in homeroom each day.  Each jar will be counted as 10 points for that class.
  • Tomorrow Fund Campaign
    Students are asked to bring in unopened 8 packs of crayons, bubbles, and colorful kids band-aids. Items will be collected in homeroom each day. Crayons and bubbles will count as 3 points and band-aids will count as 5 points.
  • Penny Drive to St. Mary’s (our sister-school in Kenya)
    Students will place pennies in their grade’s container in the East Cafeteria. All non-pennies will count against the total of a class.

Olympic Dodgeball Assembly

On Friday, March 8 at 1 p.m. all classes will gather for an assembly that will feature a sound-off and a Battle of the Classes Dodgeball Tournament. The first match will be the Seniors vs. the Freshmen. Next, will be the Juniors vs. the Sophomores. Winners of each match will play for first (150 points) and second (100 points) place; losers of each match will play for third (50 points) and fourth (25 points) place. The overall tournament winner will face a Faculty & Staff team and will have the chance to double their first place points to 300. That is, of course, if they win.

Olympic Games Night

SAINTS Olympics 2013 will conclude with Olympic Games Night on Friday, March 8 in Alumni Hall from 6 to 7:30 p.m. This event is where the largest number of points for the entire Olympic games will be awarded. Points will be awarded in various fields of competition, from relay races to dance routines. So put on your class color and we’ll see you there!


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