It’s that time of year: Saints Olympic Week will be held next week! For those who are new to Saint Raphael, Saints Olympic Week is a week of fun and fundraising, and each class earns points based on their spirit–and spirit of giving! Each day there is a theme, and there are three charities that students are asked to help this week. Results of the day will be announced each afternoon. Here are the rules:

DAILY FIRST PLACE         =          300 points
DAILY SECOND PLACE   =          200 points
DAILY THIRD PLACE        =          150 points
DAILY FOURTH PLACE    =          125 points

A student dressed exceptionally in the spirit of the day will be counted as 5 students (increasing the percentage of participating students).  A student in uniform will not be added in the total, while a student dressed down, but not participating, will negate a student counted as Superior Effort.  These days are the easiest way for students to accumulate points.  Students cannot wear masks or clothing that will negatively impact the school day.

Monday, March 14 — Purple and Gold Dress Down

This is a dress down day to wear as much purple and gold clothing and accessories as possible.  (School uniform does NOT count toward class total.)

Tuesday, March 15 — Dress Down for St. Mary’s School in Kenya

This is a $2 dress down day to benefit St. Mary’s School in Kenya.  Any student who contributes extra money toward this dress down will receive extra Olympic points; 10 points for every dollar over the dress down fee.

Wednesday, March 16   –  Theme Day

FRESHMEN – Sports Day – Dress in clothing that represents a sporting team.
SOPHOMORES – Comic Day – You may dress as a comic book or animated character.
JUNIORS – Twin Day– Dress with another student as twins.
SENIORS – Neon ’80s – Dress in your favorite neon color of the 1980s.
FACULTY/STAFF – Choose a class to support

Thursday, March 17 — Saint Patty’s Day Green

This is a dress down day which students dress from head to toe in items that are GREEN.

Friday, March 18 — Class Colors Day

JUNIORS –  White
FACULTY/STAFF – Choose a class to support

The week will end with the Saints Olympics Pep Rally in Alumni Hall, where the class winner will be crowned!

These are fun days; a student dressed inappropriately or dangerously will be sent home and their grade will lose 50 points.


Daily Charity Challenge


Empowerment through Play Challenge

Students should bring in any pair of old or new shoes, sneakers, cleats, or slippers.

Items are to be collected in HR and brought to the office in that building. Each pair will count as 10 points for that class!

Project Backpack Campaign

Students should bring in any number of the following: soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, deodorant, toilet paper, toothbrushes, body wash, lotion, mouthwash or hand wipes.

Items will be collected in HR.  Each item will count as 3 points for that class.

Any backpack that is brought in will be worth 25 points. T-shirts, winter hats, baseball hats, shirts, shorts, pants, underwear or socks will equal 5 points per item.

Saint Mary’s, our sister school in Kenya

Penny Drive: Students should place pennies in their grade’s container provided in the East Cafeteria.

175 points is issued each day to the winning class;
150 to the second highest in participation;
100 to the third highest;
and 50 to the least highest.

All non-pennies will count against the total of a class – yes, this is when a Penny Drive becomes Penny Wars!


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