Beginning on Monday, December 2, 2013, Saint Raphael Academy will be launching a pilot “After School Program” for students in the East Building. The program will be from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day and we are very fortunate to have Ms. Melissa Andrews running the activities after school.

The reason for the creation of this program is two-fold: to provide our students a productive environment to get work done and to get help from teachers and other students, and to promote a positive atmosphere for students to spend time with their peers while waiting for parents to pick them up or for an after school activity to begin.

During these hours, activities will be made available for students and a quiet area will be established for academic work. To help facilitate this, all after school tutoring will now take place on the first floor of the East Building and the computer lab in Room 14 will be open until 3:30 each day.

Students will be required to sign in and out with Ms. Andrews as they come and go. Students will have the opportunity to buy food from the vending machines and purchase snacks and drinks from Ms. Andrews. The students who are attending are still responsible for their behavior and actions. The behavioral expectations set forth in the student handbook will remain in effect in the after school hours.

The expectation is that unless a student is actively attending a practice, rehearsal, or meeting with a coach, director, or moderator, then they should be waiting in the East Cafeteria for their ride or for their practice, rehearsal, or meeting to begin.

This is a pilot program. During the Christmas Break we will take time to evaluate this program and make any necessary changes moving forward.


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