Alumni Hall was filled with anticipation and excitement as Saint Raphael Academy welcomed the newest members of our Saint Ray’s family- the Class of 2015.  The Welcome Program included a performance by the Saint Raphael Academy Vocal Ensemble and a keynote address by Mrs. Murphy, Freshmen Guidance Counselor in addition to welcome addresses by Mrs. Donohue-Lynch and Mr. Solomon.

Mrs. Donohue-Lynch told the parents present that “we recognize the sacrifices that you make when choosing to provide the best of a Catholic college prepatory education and we promise you that we will honor that choice by providing the climate and culture at Saint Raphael Academy in which your son or daughter can develop and thrive religiously, academically, socially, artistically and athletically in the Lasallian tradition of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. To the students of the Class of 2015 we are excited to welcome you to Saint Ray’s and we look forward to offering you the best in educational excellence and opportunities for you to thrive and grow and yes have fun!”

Mr. Solomon spoke to the students present sharing with them how the Golden Rule of  “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” is at the heart of the mission of Saint Ray’s.  “Respect and reverence for God, self and others is what we strive for every day on Walcott Street.”


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