Senior Bryan Torres puts the finishing touches on a recycling bin that will be placed in Saint Raphael Academy cafeterias.

Purple and gold has gone green.

Students may have noticed the new, brightly decorated recycling bins in both cafeterias in recent weeks. They were a pet project of Emily Gaboriault, who was really concerned that there was no way to recycle beverage containers at lunch unless she brought them home. As an executive board member for the sophomore class, Emily approached Vice Principal for Student Life Marc Thibault, and he agreed to purchase four large bins for the cafeterias. Art teacher Barbara Larned stepped in and provided space and materials for students to decorate the bins.

Bryan Torres, Allison Dube, Sydney Charette and Emily Gaboriault, students at Saint Raphael Academy, display the recycling bins they created for the school cafeterias.

Emily and senior Allison Dube volunteered to paint two of the bins, and two of Mrs. Larned’s art students, senior Bryan Torres and sophomore Sydney Charette, painted the others as an assignment for their art class. The students created bold, graphic designs with both subtle and more obvious recycling themes, transferred them to the containers, and painted. One features a Star Wars theme, while another depicts an underwater scene with killer whales and other sea life. The others display intricate shading techniques and symbolism. The students put in additional hours after school to complete the artwork.

The Academy has enthusiastically embraced these additions to its recycling program, and everyone at Saints can feel better about doing their part to save the planet!


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