Parents and guardians should be aware that the administration has revised the attendance policy; the new policy will be in effect as of Monday, January 23, the first day of the third quarter marking period.

The revised policy is below. You can read the entire attendance policy in the Student Handbook 2016-2017. A link can also be found on the homepage.



Regular attendance is essential.  If a student is to make satisfactory progress and receive credit for his/her year’s work, parents must be sure that their children are absent only when absolutely necessary.  Extensive absenteeism can result in a failing grade.

It is the school policy that if a student is absent from school 10 days in a semester (a total of 20 for yearlong courses) that student’s grade will be dropped by 10 points (the equivalency of a full letter grade). We will no longer track excused or unexcused absences. After 10 days of absences, students will begin accumulating zeroes for all days missed beyond the previous 10 days. All absences will be counted equally. A parent’s note or phone call will not be considered as an excused reason for the student’s absence. It is very possible that for a number of reasons (e.g., tardiness, early dismissal), a student could violate the policy in one class (such as English) and not another (such as math), depending upon when the classes meet; or it is possible for a student to lose credit at the same time for all courses taken. Vacations taken during school time will count directly towards the number of days missed.

The following situations, however, are exempt from the total number of absences: Any illness, IF the student returns to school with a doctor’s note which must be presented to the school on the day of their return; doctor’s note from a dentist or doctor for a scheduled appointment if necessary when they arrive late or are excused early; religious holidays or other religious commitments such as a funeral; a unique circumstance approved by the administration.

Upon the day of your child’s return, it is the student’s responsibility to see his/her teachers to arrange make up work and to complete that work as soon as possible.  Students with prolonged illness will arrange for the completion of make-up work in consultation with their guidance counselor and teachers. College visits for seniors and juniors should be planned for days when school is not in session such as: October PSAT Test Day, Faculty Professional Development Days, holidays and school vacations.

Ultimately, the administration will continue to reserve the right to review any case regarding this policy without prejudice due to extenuating circumstances that are brought to their attention.


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