On Thursday, September 10, 2015, there will be a second informational meeting about Saint Raphael Academy’s upcoming trip to Spain over April vacation week 2016.

The Academy is planning an overseas cultural trip to Barcelona, Spain, to visit the Lasallian school where our Spanish exchange students are enrolled.  Participants will also visit famous cultural sites and museums in Barcelona and Madrid.

SRA students and parents may both participate in the trip.  Students who are interested should bring a parent or guardian to Thursday’s meeting in the Multipurpose Room at 7 pm.   All necessary information in order to enroll in the trip will be distributed at the meeting.   See Mrs. Durigan if you have any questions.

Saint Raphael Academy has been traveling with EF Educational Tours for more than 15 years, visiting destinations such as England, Spain, France, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

Visit Barcelona with us and reconnect with our Spanish exchange students. Don’t miss your chance to go to Spain next year!



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