Dear Parents,

Saint Raphael Academy conducts an annual student fundraiser each fall called the Go Saints! Campaign.   Through this campaign, students reach out to family members, friends and alumni and seek their support of our school.  The money raised by students helps to support the overall cost of their education—from classroom instruction to co-curricular activities to technology support.

There are many reasons why families choose Saint Raphael Academy for their children’s education, but certainly one of the most important is the moral foundation that is offered here.  We offer a Catholic-Lasallian education which is centered on the needs of the individual student.  In addition to the academic rigor that we instill in our students, we also provide a framework in which they can grow spiritually and emotionally as well.  

 Saint Raphael Academy has one of the lowest tuition rates of all Catholic high schools in Rhode Island, and we rely upon donations from alumni and friends to help keep the cost of tuition down.  Right now, the difference between the actual cost to educate a student and the amount charged for tuition is $2,500.  We depend on successful fundraising efforts to make up that difference.   Therefore, we need your enthusiastic support of this campaign!    

 Here is what the Go Saints! campaign entails:

  • On Thursday, September 8, your student should come home with a form asking for the names of at least six potential donors.  However, the more names the better, and prizes will be awarded to students who supply the most names.  Our goal is to get a minimum of six names per student.  If your student does not bring you this form, please ask for it.
  • Together with your student, please supply the information requested on the sheet that he or she will bring home.  Have your student return the form to Home Room ASAP.
  • Next week, in Home Room, all students will be asked to sign a letter that will be mailed to each prospective donor they have identified.  (I have attached a copy of that letter so you may be aware of what we are asking.)  Please note:  these letters will not come home to you; they will be filled out in Home Room next week.  We will handle postage and mailing. 
  • It would be helpful if you and/or your student would alert the people whose names you supply that they will be hearing from us.  When the campaign is completed, we will, of course, send thank you notes to all contributors, but we will also supply you with a list of the names of those who donated so that you may acknowledge the contribution as well. 

We anticipate that most of the responses will be mailed back to us; however, should one of your prospective donors make a contribution directly to you, please make sure that it is returned to school in an envelope with the donor’s name on it, so that we know where to direct a thank you letter.  Please also be sure to write your student’s name on it in order to assure eligibility for our great prizes.

As incentives for success, the following prizes will be awarded:

  1.  Grand Prize of $1,000.  Students who raise at least $200 will have their names placed in a drawing for the grand prize of $1,000.  For every additional $25 raised, the student’s name will be placed in the drawing again, thus increasing their chances of winning.  The drawing for the Grand Prize will take place at the Thanksgiving pep rally.
  2.  The top three students who raise the most money will receive (in order) $500, $300, and $200.  These prizes will also be announced at the Thanksgiving pep rally.
  3. Additional in-school prizes for Home Rooms (such as dress down days, or breakfast served by members of the administration) should help to make the fundraiser interesting and fun for all our students.

Please note that your tuition contract calls for each student to raise a minimum of $100 for this student fundraiser.  Students who are not able to raise this amount will have it added to their tuition fees next February.    All funds raised will support the academic and co-curricular programs of Saint Raphael Academy. 

Thank you for your commitment and support of Saint Raphael Academy,

Mrs. Donohue-Lynch 



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