Saint Raphael Academy is partnering with CCX Direct, an IT asset recycling service provider, to host a community-wide e-waste collection event on Saturday, June 3, from 10 am to 2 pm.

The event is free to Pawtucket residents, businesses of the Pawtucket community and Pawtucket schools. Electronic recyclables can be dropped off at Saint Raphael Academy’s Alumni Hall (drive in from Denver St. and exit to Walcott St.). Members of the CCX Direct staff will be on site to handle all of the collections.

Accepted e-waste items include desktops, printers, hard drives, cell phones, laptops, servers, LCD monitors, and IT equipment. Items not accepted include televisions, projectors, stereo equipment, household appliances or printers.

Almost everyone has old e-waste items just sitting in their homes, basements, offices and garages because most people don’t know how or where to recycle their e-waste. As our society becomes more dependent on technology, the proper disposal is of the utmost importance to reduce the carbon footprint.

CCX Direct will also handle all data erasure and security. Any confidential data on retired storage devices will be properly eliminated to ensure full confidentiality and security of intellectual property.

For anyone who has a large volume of e-waste items that require a scheduled pick-up, please contact for further assistance.


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