On Friday, February 28, 2014, our students, with the help of their teachers, parents and guidance counselors, will begin the very important process of creating their academic schedules for next year.

In homeroom, students will receive grade specific Course Selection Sheets (copies of these Course Selection Sheets can be found below), and they will spend the remainder of the day using these Sheets to determine which classes they hope to take next year. During each core class period, teachers will help assign students to the correct course and ability grouping. At the conclusion of the day, students will return to homeroom and will submit their Course Selection Sheet to their homeroom teacher.

In the weeks to come, guidance counselors will contact each student and will arrange an appointment to discuss their academic schedule for next year. Current juniors (or current sophomores not taking a modern language next year), please keep in mind that your guidance counselor will discuss elective choices with you during this appointment. As such, you may want to wait to fill out your elective choices until this appointment. All meetings with guidance counselors will be completed by the time we leave for April vacation.

Initial course selections will be sent home during the fourth quarter.

In order to allow each class period to meet on Course Selection Day, we will follow a modified day 6 schedule:

  • Homeroom: 8:00 – 8:10
  • Period C: 8:16-8:56 (40 minutes)
  • Period D: 9:02-9:42 (40 minutes)
  • Period E: 9:48-10:28 (40 minutes)
  • Period F: 10:34-11:14 (40 minutes)
  • Period G: 11:20-12:24
    1st Lunch: 11:20-11:40
    2nd Lunch: 11:42-12:02
    3rd Lunch: 12:04-12:24
  • Period A: 12:30-1:10 (40 minutes)
  • Period B: 1:16-1:56   (40 minutes)
  • Homeroom: 1:56-2:09

In preparation for Course Selection Day, we encourage families to spend time reviewing the Saint Raphael Academy 2014-2015 Program of Studies and maybe even doing a practice Course Selection Sheet.

Course Selection Sheets:

  • Grade 10 Course Selection Sheet 2014-2015
  • Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet 2014-2015
  • Grade 12 Course Selection Sheet 2014-2015

Program of Studies:

  • Program of Studies 2014-2015

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