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Today half the of the Class of 2016 spent time outside of classes and on retreat. (The other half of the 10th grade class had their retreat last week.)

At Saint Raphael Academy each class is required to participate in one retreat per year. On retreat our Catholic and Lasallian mission can be achieved in a unique environment outside of the classroom. Retreats are organized by our Pastoral Services Office, under the direction of Ms. Rita Pratt and Mrs. Nancy Benoit, however, they are led by upperclassmen who are critical members of Lasallian Youth. Students participate in group strengthening exercises, and also take time to personally discover where God is in their own lives. Retreats are just another staple that distinguishes a Saint Raphael Academy education, while also providing a perfect way to unite and solidify the SAINTS family.

Please keep our students in your prayers as they realize the power of the Holy Spirit within themselves.


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