As part of National School Choice Week, the Catholic School Parent Federation and Rhode Island Families for School Choice will be holding a legislative assembly at the State House this Thursday, January 30 for all interested in attending. The assembly will be held at the Rhode Island State House from 3-6 PM. The event will be kicking off in the Rotunda Area where there will be designated booths showcasing local private schools. The event will consist of musical performances from highly talented local school groups and also presentations about the importance of school choice.

Saint Raphael Academy will be well represented at this event and we ask parents to attend if possible. The goal of this assembly is to promote greater awareness of the benefits in implementing an expanded Parental Choice in Education and School Voucher Program in Rhode Island. Fortunately, for the families of our students it is clear that they know the importance of a faith-based private education, however, it is still important to show support for families battling with the decision. We hope to see you there and please be sure to stop by the Saint Raphael Academy table in the rotunda area.


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