Catholic Schools Week

January 26th marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week, a nationwide celebration of the faith-based education Catholic schools provide to their students. Catholic schools all across the country will be spending extra time this week strengthening their faith and showing appreciation for the graces of God. A Catholic education is something to be celebrated, and here at Saint Raphael Academy we are doing just that.

This year’s theme for Catholic Schools Week is Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service. At Saint Raphael Academy, we take pride in being a school where all are Welcomed, Inspired and Challenged. This past weekend, members of the senior class took part in their ECHO (Encountering Christ in Others) retreat which transformed them from individuals into one SAINTS community, while also providing a perfect stepping stone into Catholic Schools Week. Throughout the course of this week, members of our Lasallian Youth program will lead our school through special morning prayers while also challenging students to bring in personal care items. These items will then be distributed to guests of the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen.

At Saint Raphael Academy, our standard is welcoming our students to a stronger relationship with God, challenging them to think critically about the world around them, and inspiring them to give back with their God-given gifts to their communities and those in need. On Wednesday, we will gather for a school-wide liturgy to celebrate and recognize the sacrifices and dedication made by parents and faculty, who allow faith-based education to thrive. This week calls for us to step back for a minute and give gratitude and praise to those who deserve it, especially our Heavenly Father.

During this week, as students make the effort to strengthen the already existing Saint Raphael Academy community, our Admissions team is sending out decision letters inviting the most skilled youth to come be a SAINT. There is no better way for us to celebrate this week than to be able to offer not only a spot in the Class of 2019, but a place in our community to a student and their family.

Enjoy this most blessed week!


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