Lasallian Youth: Associated for Mission


At Saint Raphael Academy, all of our students are members of  Lasallian Youth because of our school’s core values of faith, service and community.  Through the Lasallian Youth Program, students may choose to participate more directly in various aspects of ministry.  Members of Saint Raphael Academy Lasallian Youth are planning to participate in this year’s Lasallian Youth Summer Assembly that will be held in July at Manhattan College in New York.



Lasallian Youth:  Faith-Service-Community

We invite students to:

  • Deepen their relationship with God through an active prayer life.
  • Develop their understanding of Church.
  • Study and practice Lasallian spirituality.
  • Share gifts, talents and their faith with peers.
  • Seek greater personal involvement in the school community.
  • Commit to community service on the local, national and global level (through the District of Eastern North America’s Twinning Program).
  • Participate in the Lasallian Youth Servant Leadership Training Program.

We Welcome Students

To join, students should:

  • Have a desire to grow and help others to grow in their relationship with God.
  • Have a desire to live out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through service to others.
  • Have a desire to build self-esteem and to improve communication skills.
  • Have a willingness to demonstrate commitment and dedication by attending all training sessions and regular meetings.

Saint Raphael Academy Lasallian Youth Program

The Lasallian Youth Team strives to be an example of faith by:

  • Learning about our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and his faith in God’s presence and trust in God’s Divine Providence.
  • Being personally committed to a prayer life.
  • Servant Leadership in the model of Jesus Christ:  being leaders in service to others.
  • Building community by working together.

Lasallian Servant Leadership Training

The full-year program includes:

  • Orientation and Servant Leadership Workshop
  • Building the Team meetings in September and October
  • Strengthening the Team meetings through participation in sponsored events throughout the year

Lasallian Youth Mission and Ministry

  • Eucharistic-Liturgical Ministry
  • Retreat Team Leadership
  • Lasallian Ministry through the Fine Arts
  • Big Brother/Big Sister Program
  • Freshmen Welcome Team
  • Social Justice Team
  • Service Project Team
  • Mission Trips
  • Environmental Stewardship
Application for Admission
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