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Faith and Values

Saint Raphael Academy is an educational ministry of the Diocese of Providence founded in the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ sharing in the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. As such, the school strives for excellence in our spiritual, academic, physical and cultural development of our students. Saint Raphael Academy invites and challenges students to make his or her faith a living reality preparing them for leadership and service in the Church and the world.

Catholic Identity

As a Catholic educational community of the Diocese of Providence, Saint Raphael Academy invites and challenges students to make their faith living, conscious, and active, and prepares them for leadership in the Church.

We are a community of faith and zeal:

  • Guided by the life and Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Emphasizing the inalienable dignity of each person
  • Fostering a love for wisdom and truth through the tradition and teaching of the Catholic Church
  • Striving to develop authentic personal relationships through trust and mutual respect

We are a community of prayer and worship:

  • Gathering regularly for the celebration of the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Praying together each day as a school community

We are a community of service:

  • Living our commitment to service and the common good
  • Providing opportunities for students to assume leadership for strengthening and nurturing their faith
  • Exercising a preferential option for the poor

Realizing that parents and guardians are the primary educators, Saint Raphael Academy, through its administrators, teachers, staff, coaches and moderators, works diligently with parents and guardians to help our youth grow in their faith.

Saint Raphael Academy Campus Ministry Department exists to ensure students develop a personal understanding of their own faith and the wisdom of how that faith can be lived out within the community of the Church and an understanding of the implications of their faith regarding social responsibility. Students share equally the leadership and responsibility to design and implement their own faith formation—especially liturgies, retreats, and service projects.
As a community of compassionate leaders, we act on behalf of the least of their brothers and sisters. In all programming, the Campus Ministry Department fosters in students a lifetime commitment to acting on their personal responsibility for bringing about the reign of God.
We pray that the seeds planted at Saint Raphael Academy will continue to grow, as our graduates become women and men who understand their vocation in life.

Stephen Vargas, Director

Kristen Murphy, Lasallian Youth Adviser

Reverend Carl Fisette, Chaplain

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