Below you will find a recent letter from Bishop Tobin to all parents of Catholic school students:

To the Parents of our Catholic School Students:

The terrible violence that was inflicted upon the adults and children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last week has left all of us bewildered, anxious and sad.  I can only imagine that these feelings are magnified in parents whose first priority is always the protection and well-being of their children.

The purpose of my letter today is to simply offer to you a word of prayerful support and reassurance during these trying times.  Our Catholic schools are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your children; a community where they can experience the same love and security they have at home; a place where they can grow in “age, grace and wisdom” as Jesus did as a child in Nazareth.

As we approach the Christmas Season, my prayer is that the birth of Jesus Christ will renew in us some measure of comfort and peace.  Jesus is “Emmanuel” the God who is with us in good times and in bad.  Everyday Jesus walks with us in our life’s journey to share our joys and sorrows, our victories and defeats, our successes and the failures, and the triumphs and tragedies that inevitably come our way.

I extend my prayers and blessings to you and your families, especially to your dear children.  May the Christ Child be with you, and may every family be a holy, loving and safe family!

Sincerely yours,

Thomas J. Tobin
Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence



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