Class of 66, 50th Reunion

Announcement – With regret,  SRA’s 1st Decade Reunion featuring the 70s, scheduled for April 1, 2017,  has been cancelled. Stay tuned for future reunion announcements!



“Retro” Decade Reunions

Saints is embarking in a creative and innovative direction to reunite classmates.  Most schools are getting away from having individual class reunions and hosting Alumni weekends where grads from ALL classes attend.
During your time at Saints, how many of your friends were from the grades older or younger?  You might have even been in class with them.

Silver 25th and Golden 50th Reunions will have their own celebrations.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jane Ferland, Saints Alumni Director at or 401-723-8100 X 155.
“Once a Saint, ALWAYS a Saint!!”
St. John the Baptist,
 Pray for us,
Live Jesus in Our Hearts………………..FOREVER!!

Class of 1986: 30th Reunion


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Class of 66, 50th Reunion Sept. 23, 2016


Include a “memorial table” so classmates can pay their respects.

Include a "memorial table" so classmates can pay their respects.

“We know you would be here today, if heaven weren’t so far away…”

Campus Tours- A new and popular addition!

The Alumni Director has recently helped to coordinate five Raphaelite reunions and has been able to get almost all of them back on campus. 1954, ‘84, ‘89 and ‘94 took a tour of the SRA campus before heading off to their reunion.

Every tour is unique, but all include:

  • A social hour with light snacks and drinks begins at the brand new, state-of-the-art, Joseph and Blanche Coutu Theater. Old friends greet each other, in the Navigant Art Gallery, with warm smiles and hugs and begin their merriment over refreshments.
  • A table dedicated to the memory of those they’ve lost along the way is set up for class members to pay their respects.
  • A full tour of campus facilities follows a greeting from the Principal and the Alumni Coordinator. The nostalgia is tangible as the tour winds through their old hallways, visiting classrooms and cafeterias.
  • Adding Mass to the beginning or end of the tour is welcome, and common, but not mandatory.

Every class has absolutely loved their tour experience. One class representative stated, “The tour really influenced the atmosphere of our reunion. The energy and excitement showed throughout the rest of the night. People couldn’t stop talking about it!”


Start planning now–

Contact our Alumni Director, Mary Jane, today at