Saint For A Day

The best way for an interested student to learn more about the Academy is to spend a day “shadowing” one of our current student ambassadors. The Saint For A Day program allows applicants the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an Academy student, to ask questions, and to realize that the Academy is a place where students are welcomed, inspired, and challenged each and every day. All interested students and applicants are encouraged to visit as a Saint For A Day. In fact, each year, nearly 100% of our new incoming students visited the Academy as a Saint For Day the previous year.

To schedule your Saint For A Day visit, please contact Jennifer Luiz in the  Admissions Office (via phone: 401-723-8100, extension 134, or via email:

Saint For A Day visits are scheduled throughout the academic year, Mondays through Thursdays, provided there are no conflicts with the Academy calendar. More than one student can visit on the same day, so if you would like to visit with a friend or neighbor, please ensure that you schedule your visit for the same date. Often times, partner schools like to have all their interested students visit on the same day; if you attend one of those schools, please ensure you inform your current school that you would like to visit Saint Raphael Academy with your classmates.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student visiting as a Saint For A Day to inform their current school that they will be absent on the day of their visit. Upon request, an official letter excusing your absence can be provided.

Students visiting as Saints For A Day are paired with current Academy students on a one-to-one basis. If you are an 8th grade student, you will be paired with a current 9th or 10th grade student. If you are a transfer student, you will be paired with a student who is either in the grade you are currently in or in the grade you are hoping to transfer into.

If you know someone here at the Academy whom you would like to shadow, please notify the Admissions Office ahead of time, and we will do our best to ensure that you are paired with that individual (provided it is an appropriate pairing). If you don’t know anyone who currently attends the Academy, you need not worry. When you are scheduling your visit, please inform the Admissions Office of your interests and we will pair you with a current Academy student with similar interests.

If you have already scheduled your Saint For A Day visit, the following information will be helpful to you:

  • All students must ensure that the Admissions Office has their correct contact information before the scheduled visit.
  • On the morning of your scheduled visit, please arrive in the Admissions Office at 8:45 a.m. The Admissions Office is located on the first floor of the McHale Administration Building at 38 Maynard Street. Pick-up will be at the same location at 1:15 pm.
  • Saint Raphael Academy does have a dress code. If you’re coming from a school that requires you to wear a uniform, then please just wear your school’s uniform. If you are coming from a school that does not require a uniform, we ask that you please wear slacks and a collared shirt or sweater. Gentlemen are more than welcome to wear a tie. No jeans, leggings, mini-skirts or belly shirts should be worn. You may wear the shoes of your choice, but please, no open-toed shoes and make sure you can do a bit of walking in the shoes you choose to wear since we have a campus-style school. If a student arrives on the morning of their visit and is inappropriately dressed, the student may not be allowed to continue their visit. Lastly, please be sure to check the weather for the day that you are scheduled to visit the Academy since you will have to walk outside while traversing from class to class.
  • Our cafeterias have great food, so if you don’t bring a lunch with you, bring a few dollars so you can purchase one. We have two cafeterias, one at each end of our campus, where you will eat with your Student Ambassador.
  • We encourage you to participate in the classes you visit. Ask questions, volunteer answers, and if group work is being done, feel free to join in.
  • Throughout the day, any member of the Saint Raphael Academy community would be happy to answer your questions. However, it is a good idea to bring a list of questions you might have about our school so we can answer them for you or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Please note: if there is any delay in the start of school due to weather conditions, the time at which an applicant should arrive for their Saint For A Day visit will be delayed by the same amount of time school is delayed. Put simply, if the start of school is delayed by one hour, you should arrive for your Saint For A Day visit one hour later, as well. Obviously, if school is canceled, an applicant’s Saint For A Day visit will need to be rescheduled. If the start of school is delayed or if school is cancelled, a specific announcement for Saint Raphael Academy will be broadcast via radio (WPRO and WHJJ), television (stations 6, 10, & 12), and online (RI Broadcasters Closings and Delays).

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