1. Develop and maintain diverse programs meeting recognized standards of excellence.
  2. Create and sustain respectful human relationships in community.
  3. Animated by and foster a spirit of faith and zeal.
  4. Exercise a preferential option for the poor.
  5. Instill Gospel values.

Saint Raphael Academy students engage in a rich and robust college preparatory curriculum.  Every day our students are involved in innovative and creative ways of learning in an environment that supports academic excellence and success.

Our classes, with a student to faculty teacher ration of 12:1 provides for a learning environment in which the needs of the individual student can be attended to.

Along with the required course of studies,  Saint Raphael Academy offers the opportunity for students to take Advance Placement (AP) courses in many subjects.

Additionally, Saint Raphael Academy is the only Catholic secondary co-educational school in Rhode Island to offer  students the opportunity to participate in the Rhode Island College Early Enrollment Program (EEP). EEP provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits while taking select courses at Saint Ray’s.  Upon successful completion RI College provides the student with a RIC transcript and as such the college credits earned are transferable to any college or university which Rhode Island College has an articulation agreement with.  Currently that list includes over 50 colleges and universities in the United States.

Our dedicated faculty are guided by the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle to provide academic excellence, while assisting in the overall development of our students.

Our academic success is reflected in the fact that 98% of our students are accepted into some of the finest colleges and universities in the country.

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