An Invitation from The Saint Raphael Academy Parent Association

 “Welcome to Saint Ray’s Night!” 

 Mr. Steven De Nuccio, President of the SRAPA describes the event:  “The SRA Parent Association is planning a special evening so parents can have the opportunity to meet and socialize. Our sons and daughters are in school with one another all day as well as being  involved in sports, the arts  and other co-curricular activities.  This evening will give us, the  parents, a chance to get to know other Saint Ray’s parents beyond the ones that we know from our former schools or our parishes.” 

Mrs. Donohue-Lynch, Principal is “very appreciative of the great efforts of the Parent Association. I often hear parents remark that when their son or daughter attended elementary school it was much easier for them to get to know the other parents at school.  An event such as this is exactly what Saint Ray’s is all about- creating community as we meet  not only the needs of our students but of our parents as well. I am sure it is going to be a great success.”




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