First Place Prize: $10,000.00

(or 33.34% of the pot, whichever is lesser)

Second Prize: $2,000.00

(or 6.67% of the pot, whichever is lesser)

Third Prize: $1,000.00

(or 3.34% of the pot, whichever is lesser)

Ticket Price: $100.00 each

The raffle will be held at the Jazz & Pop Night on November 23. Tickets will be sold during the Jazz & Pop event. The last ticket drawn will be the winner of the First Place Prize. You need not be present to win.

Jazz & Pop tickets are sold separately at $40 per person ($45 per person after November 1).

For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Fr. Mark Sauriol at 723-8100, ext. 154.

An order form can also be found here: $10,000 Solid Gold Raffle Order Form (please note that after November 1, Jazz & Pop tickets are $45).


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